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Scary MJ event(s)

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by TR13, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. Sorry that this is so long. I'm new here, otherwise I might know who here (granny?) would best be able to advise me.

    My 23 year old son had never used MJ before.
    He has been diagnosed with; anxiety disorders, OCD, and borderline personality disorder.
    He'd been wanting to try weed for years, but I'd read that people with mental disorders shouldn't use it, so I'd always (successfully) discouraged it...even though I'd been using it myself (bad back) for the last year or so.

    Forward to New Years eve 2013 (Denver suburb)...

    My son and I were watching the news, they said "recreational MJ will be legal in 14 hours"...and my son jumped clear out of his chair. (All that talk was for nothing).

    So I decided since he was going to try it anyhow (he's over 21, I had no way to stop him), I'd give him some of mine.
    Note: he'd had NO idea I was using it, and because of his OCD I knew damn well not to let him find out, cuz he'd have bugged the shit outta me if he knew.

    That night we got high together. It was fun for both of us, and all his disorders seemed to melt away in the smoke. I was very encouraged, and thought maybe after all these years of psychologists, psychiatrists and all the many different psych-meds...that I'd found something that could actually help him!

    He stayed up all that night (he was stoked about being able to smoke weed), and all day New Years day. That night about 11, I said "man you gotta get some sleep..and I'm not giving you anymore weed until you do". Didn't work (OCD)...he couldn't sleep. So I gave him 2 puffs of Maui(it always puts me to sleep).

    First he started getting paranoid. I mean really paranoid. So I got high too, thinking maybe if I got on "his level" I could help him.
    ..but it got worse. A lot worse. Within an hour he was totally psychotic. He started claiming he was God. Then he became violent.
    He hit his older brother (who he loves more than anyone else on this planet) in the face twice. I swear, had he been able to get his hands on a firearm, everyone in this house would have been dead.

    We called the police. When they got here he was breaking down the door from his basement apartment, trying to "get to us".

    The police took him to the hospital, where they had him in restraints for the rest of the night.
    The following morning he was sent to a mental hospital, where he remained for 5 days.

    At the hospital, the doctor told me his blood tests showed no trace of MJ, and asked me if there was any chance he'd used "spice" (synthetic MJ).
    I told him "not a chance. He had 2 puffs of Maui Wowie, I gave it to him, and watched him smoke it". The doctors were confused, but figured he just hadn't had enough for it to show up in the test.

    Now, 3 weeks later, my son is wanting to try it again!
    I told him; (for him) it's like playing Russian Roulette. He might have a real good time, or he may end up in a mental institution.

    Regardless, I believe at some point, he will try it again. But I've already told him, that I will have not part in it. If he ends up in a nut-house, and they find out I aided him in any way…they're liable lock me up too!

    BTW..I'm still smoking it. It helps me deal with my son, and my old-man aches and pains, and I have no intentions of giving it up.

  2. With 700+ views and 0 replies, I guess it's safe to assume the story is atypical.
    My apologies to anyone that got their buzz harshed by reading it.
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    four words, two meanings =    high CBD  low THC
    no psychosis from high CBD. Know your medicine
    not knowing your medicine is a huge gamble as to the final outcome of usage of said medicine .
  4. Isn't Maui wowee a sativa? Not the best strain for some who as said above should be smoking a high CBD low thc strain
  5. your mentally ill and disabled adult son stayed up for a few days and had an episode during this period of sleep deprivation...
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    at first I was wondering about drug interactions but I suppose if that was an issue the Dr's would have said something at the hospital.
    Since it was his first trip it could be like many other first rides and fairly wild.  My first few rides were right out of a 1960's anti-drug propaganda film.  As long as there is no history of psychosis on either side of his family he may just need to build up a little tolerance.  If he is going to try again and the best you can do is help him find his beginners dose then try to steer him to something like a tincture. Get a little out and cut it 50%.  Then get him to dose 1 drop at a time so he can have some control over how high he gets.  Look for something near to 50:50 THC:CBD that has been tested and has a defined chemistry rather than this strain or that.
    OP: has your son been tested for bi-polar disorder? The symptoms you described sound to me like they could be attributed to a manic episode that was exacerbated by a high-potency sativa like MW.
  8. I wondered about drug interactions too, but no, none of the Dr's at the <span>psychiatric</span> hospital even mentioned that as a possibility.
    ..nor did they say anything about him being sleep deprived as a possible cause.
    The main hospital <span>psychiatrist</span> speculated that my son's first high (New Years eve) "primed him" for the major de-rail on his second.
    No history of <span>psychosis</span> on either side of the family, and bi-polar was never diagnosed...not yet anyhow.
    In the long run, I think it's all working out for the best. Because of this incident, he has some new doctors that are taking a "fresh look" at his problems.
    My son wants to try weed again because of the great time he had at his first time. Can't blame the guy for that (my first high in about 1975 scared the HELL outta me).
     That's fine, as long as he can get his doctor to agree that a high CBD strain might be beneficial..and that's a possibility.
    My sincere thanks to everyone here for <span>their</span> thoughts and <span>opinions</span>.
    We're probably close in age, my first was likely 1972 but I didn't start smoking it on a regular basis till 1973 when they put me into a Milwaukee Back Brace.  The it helped with pain & sleep.
    Good luck, keep us posted.
  10. I had to Google what a Milwaukee back brace is. Damn bro...that sucks!
    ..and yeah, I'm an old fart too (55)
    I'm new. This might have fit better in the "<span>Pandora's</span> box" section.
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    Your fine here, It is a medical conversation.
    Wore the brace from June 1973 to about Aug. 1975.  Back hurt before they put me in it, and has been worse ever since.  Stenosis on the left side between C-5/C-6 and a herniated disc at the same place diagnosed by MRI.  More undiagnosed disc trouble in the lumbar.  We (My Dr. & I) didn't want to pay for the imaging in the lumbar since the treatment for that is the same as the C-5/C-6. 
    Osteoporosis since 2011 with a history of adult, low impact bone fracture.
    Since 1975 I've lost about 1.5 inches in height, most of that in the last 10 years.
    Topical cannabis is the best pain relief I've ever had.  We paint my spine from the top right down to the tip of my tail bone.

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