Scary mixtures and biening around people who use them.

Discussion in 'General' started by Ganjaman7847, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. Man I had a scary fucking day today. This guy I know, I've seen him around before and stuff, well he was all fucked up on booze and coke at this party. This fucking guy start yelling at me and fuckin wants to pick a fight. I meen literaly I was walkin back to the car to get my cigs and have a joint with my cusin and some of his frreinds and this dudes comes up and starts yell " You wanna fight you fuckin pussy. I'll kick your ass you fuckin piss ant." Man that guy could have easily kick my ass. I was scared as hell. The reason I knew he was hyped up on coke and booze is because I saw him snort a couple lines and he guzzled down about a fith of fucking Yukon jack.
    I was way to stoned to get into a fight and I had allready had six shot and all I wanted to do was get more stoned and talk to my cusin and his freinds while I have a cig.
    I told him there was a big mother fucker that wanted to fight by the big truck that was about 30 feet from us.
    the fuckin dumb ass runs after some dude he saw to my right and just starts pounding on him.
    I got the fuck out of there as quick as fucking humanly possible.
    Any body else had a scary experince like this?
  2. Thats why you gotta have the heater in the waist band.
  3. ^^^^^couldn't have said it better myself.....
  4. Never fight with a man on coke. Back when I used to snort(no more hard drugs for me, just weed) I could get punched repeatedly and never even flinch. Coke is definately a violent drug. It will make you stronger and tougher than you could imagine, and I'm sure adding alcohol helps(except coordination). cokeheads are some tough fuckers, even if it is just the drug. Always try to stay far away from them when they get violent.

    PS. Glad you made it out ok
  5. #1 I don't own a gun. All i had was a pin that I use to poke through the resin thats clogging my pipe. That thing must be full by now. But I meen what the hell was I going to be able to do to the guy with pin. Prick him to death.

    I know I'm staying away from coke users when they are all hyped up.
    Anybody got a better story than mine. ( theres got to be somebody out there with a trippy, scary, or just plain weird story.)
  6. you told him to go fight some other guy?

  7. i was at a nofx concert in vancouver and sitting in the upper area with my girl friend. there were not many people up there because most were down close to the stage. this husky bald guy approached us and sat right next to me staring at me intently, for about a minute, i stared back, then as i was about to say something he left quickly. about twenty minutes later he re-appeared suddenly, grabbed a small bar table that was near me and threw it against the wall about six feet away. then he sat in the same seat again. we stared at each other, then he mumbled something and left again.

    after the concert he appeared as my girl and i were about a block away from the venue. there were police right next to us so i asked him if he wanted a free j. he said yes so i gave him one. I hope he didnt smoke it and rape any one I would feel guilty about that.
  8. My halfbrother always drinks and turns into a hothead. One time he went to talk to his tweeked out cousin and this guy is an ex con whos always hopped up and fuckin nuts. Guy eyes my brother and says, you wanna fight. My brother, dumbass drunk he is, believes he's just gonna wrestle this dude. Guy tried to kill him, permanently put a slice in his nose, chipped his tooth, my brother is 6 foot 3, almost 300lbs, the guy he's fighting is like 5 foot 3 160lbs. He had to choke that dude out and while he was, guy reaches for a knife, my brother was screaming, dude no, we're play fighting.

    Gets up and the dude is all like, i thought you were trying to kill me man, I coulda swore you've been dogging me for months. My brother had only been there like a week. That hard shit will fuck your brain up permanently.
  9. I really could care less about puncuation but FUCK! How hard can it be to spell shit correctly?

  10. :laughing:

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