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Scary High

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by GanjaBat, Nov 1, 2003.

  1. Has anybody ever gotten so high that they were scared? I tried some silver haze the other day for the first time and for some reason it made me feel really scared and paranoid. I'm not talking about paranoia because of being a beginner either. I am basically a daily smoker and have been for a while, so it's not like I've never been that high before or anything, it was just kind of a strange feeling. It wasn't mellow like it is most of the time. Also it was more visual than normal. Like things would appear to be moving or changing, kind of hard to explain. The smoke was very harsh too. That was some of the first coughing fits I've had in a while. I'm guessing I just got ahold of some really good stuff (it's from a dutch coffeeshop so I am 99% sure that it really is silver haze, and it deffinitely wasn't laced), but still, I've had really good stuff before, and this was a different experience.
  2. as i understand it indica and sativa can give you different kinds of highs. Maybe you've only been smoking one kind until now? just a thought
  3. just a thought....your probably right.

  4. Honestly, the thought had crossed my mind. I believe that most of what I have smoked in the past has been heavily indica, and I believe haze is a strong sativa. That might be it. Honestly as strange and paranoid as it made me, it wasn't that I didn't like it. It was still good and enjoyable, just strange. It really messed with my head and thoughts too, moreso than normal. Its like I had a totally different view about everything. Like that Hendrix song "Purple Haze"--"many things just don't seem the same" and "am I happy or in misery..", "is it tomorrow or just the end of time"

    Maybe "trippy" is the word I'm looking for. The amazing thing is, it only took me half of a normal size J to get to that point. The other half sat in the ash tray for 3 days before I felt like I wanted to finish it off. The second time wasn't quite as extreme as the first, but still the same type of high.
  5. mmm, KraziHare is right, its just a very different (probably good) type of weed then youre used to. weed effects range from a to z... its all good tho 8)
  6. I actually enjoy that kind of high every once and awhile. I had one of those and went to a haunted house once, I felt like I was in a horror movie. It was insane, but it was fun.
  7. Just ride the buzz, take whatever it throws at you, just think of it as a new stage of cannabis.
  8. After posting this earlier, I decided to give silver haze another try this afternoon. I finished off the last little bit I had and smoked a J. It didn't have the scary feeling like the first time did, I guess I knew more what to expect, but it is deffinitely more of an up trippy type high, which I think is more of a sativa characteristic. It was more like it was all in my head--very little body stone. And even though everything looked like it was moving around, things like balance and motor skills weren't really negatively affected like normal. In one since, I was really really high, but its like I could still function normally. Most of the time when I smoke I get kind of relaxed and tired, but not with this weed. Honestly I kind of like it. It didn't make me a useless blob of Jello once I came down. Deffinitely a thumbs up.
  9. One time I almost had an anxiety attack when I was stoned. I was doing fine, but then I found out this girl found out something I said which she definitely wasn't supposed to know. This made my insides freak out. It was my body freaking out, not my mind too much. My legs were twitching and I had a bunch of other negative symptoms. needless to say I was pretty scared. THis is the only time this has ever happened. Hope it never happens again.
  10. once i was in my room and i had just had like a day of smoking and i did like 4 lungs and a few bongs and when i turned of the light i though that the tree outside my house was after me and then at like 2 in the morning the milk man pulled up an i thoughtthat an army of milkmen had taken over the world and were after quite an experienced toker and this was the only time iv ever freaked out. i had smoked a score of strong hash that day
  11. The purple haze that jimi hendrix is talking about is a type of acid back in the day...
  12. My cuzin does'nt smoke any more because everytime he got high he got very "Paranoid" ive only been paranoid once when i got very high and got my cat high to damn thing freaked out tore up my friends arm and got under the bed.
    Well i was chilling on the bed thinking what if it just went nutz and grabed my leg and started scraping at me.
    so eh only time ive been scared while high besides running from a cop once lol.

  13. Lol, damn. You're right. I feel like a dumbass. I always just assumed it was about the weed strain purple haze. Never really though about the possibility of it being about something else. I guess with Hendrix I should have known it was about acid. So just out of curiosity, which purple haze came first, the acid or the weed? I'm guessing the acid. My previous comments still stand though, thats really how I fealt. Maybe there is a reason they have the same name. But just for the record, it was silver haze I had, not purple haze. Don't really know what the difference is though.

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