Scary high: I almost cried

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    Alright so a few days ago I smoked with some friends If mine. You know, just the usual. Well I did not know that my friend had just recently bought a vaporizer. So we smoked about six fat bowls out of it and we were ripped as fuck. So I'm just sitting on my friends couch watching him try to play need for speed. And all of a sudden I start rockin back an forth. I had to be doing this for atleast 2 hours. I started to freak out at my friends that they better start rocking otherwise the world was going to end. And they r not cooperating so u start to flip out. I am on the verge of crying when I just stop rocking. I then realize that I was freaking out for no reason.So I grab my bag of combos and eat them and go to bed
  2. yeah dude, sometimes when i get too high i start shaking uncontrollably, and feel like im gonna die. but u just gotta say to yourself its not real and everything will be okay.
  3. I don't know, do u?

    Don't leave us hanging here.

    Seriously though, freak-outs are no fun, better luck next time.
  4. Do u grab my bag of combos and eat them and go to bed to you too man.
  5. ahhhahah beat me to it
  6. lol I think this dude is still ripped

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