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  1. Hey,
    2 days ago, I was with some of my cousin's friend who smoke a lot of weed all the time. It was not the first time I smoked, everytime I was with them and they lighted up a joint I took 3 to 4 puffs, but I never had any effect (note : i'm in france, so the joint are mixed up with tabacco). So this day, I wanted to smoke enough so I could get high, but this time it was a joint with only weed in it, no tabacco, the smoke was so sweet and easy on the lungs, I took about 10 big puffs. 
    I expected to be relaxed, sleepy, joyful, laughing at everything and all this stuff, well I was kinda disappointed. That's what happened, after I smoked, about a few minutes, my head started spinning, I felt really good, but I had to hold on a wall in order not to fall, then I started losing vision, it whitened I could see almost nothing and was like in another world, then I fell on the ground and was as good as asleep, for about 3 seconds, then I stood up and told my friend not to worry I was fine, I was still stuned as fuck, they made me sit, my lips and my face were as white as snow, then my lips became violet, it was awful I had to concentrate not to puke. It took me 30 minutes to be able to walk. I felt really bad. The morning after I felt better.
    It was really weird I was not expecting that at all. My friends told me they've never seen such a reaction to weed, is it normal ?

  2. Is weed worth seeing if that will happen again? That's your call but I've never heard of anybody having a reaction like that. Panic attacks are common but not a lack of blood flow to the face or oxygen deprivation (I think one of those is right idk)
  3. Sounds like you smoked a lot more than you were used to and were dehydrated possibly. I would suggest not taking as many hits of a weed only joint or maybe just putting more weed and only a little tobacco. Take a few deep breaths and just enjoy what is going on around you. Best of luck to you my friend
  4. You greened out. This has happened to a few of my friends their first times smoking. No big deal, you just have to take it in moderation. It happens.

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  5. Thanks for the answers guys. I just wanted to feel the high, because with only a few puffs I felt nothing at all, it seems I went to hard^^ I think I'll try to find a right amount but I won't smoke anytime soon. It's funny I thought weed was such an harmless drug, I would never have guessed what would happened, still it was a nice experience, I'd just wish I had a bed ahah
  6. eat before you smoke and make sure you are well hydrated before smoking and while smoking. and dont over do the smoking.
  7. Exactly this. It has happened to me a few times like once or twice and I'm a long term smoker. Make sure you eat before you smoke and have plenty of water around. If you get high without eating anything you're gonna have a bad time

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  8. You just got too high. Take it easy, man.
  9. Like bitchtits and tetoleetd said moderation is key, dont try to be that guy who feels the need to smoke more than they are comfortable with just because you're pressured.
    In the end you wont have a good time
  10. You smoked too much before the initial hits had time to kick in. slow it down next time.I remember when i took a Marinol the first time. I had never smoked weed so this was my first form of it. I didn't feel anything after like 25 mins so popped another one. A few mins later the first pill kicked in.When the second pill kicked in I was gone...
  11. Maybe you got pale and lost your vision temp. because your blood sugar dropped. That has happened to me before, but not from smoking. You probably got a coldsweat too.
    Try to keep good vibes and lengthen out your smoke sesh (esp. since you're still new to it) and you should have a better high !
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    That shit was laced.. bro. or maybe it was very strong hence you saying that they smoke weed all the time...

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