Scary but fun as whack

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  1. Well, i call a friend to buy some weed, then i bought it and i smoked a pot with him then we got to a abandonned school and we smoked more weed with a new pipe that we both bought we started to break some windows glass and then, i saw a person and my friend did'nt bileve cuz i was joking with them before then he saw the person and he flipped out and passed out ! i thought that he was joking too so then i got realy scared and then suddenly he woke up and i was like WTF?
    we search the person and did'nt saw her then we got the fuck out of there and i ask him if he realy passed out and he sayid yes i'll never come back there! i laugh so bad today! :D

  2. You broke some windows? Are you fucking 14?
  3. Smoked a pot........ Subscribed
  4. I remember when I was 9
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    Breaking stuff is fun as fuck. but idk what all that other stuff is about.
  6. [quote name='"Tosh."']Breaking stuff is fun as fuck. but idk what all that other stuff is about.[/quote]

  7. it lets out anger. :)
  8. [quote name='"Tosh."']

    it lets out anger. :)[/quote]

    So as long as you have pent up anger it makes it okay to go out smashing windows? No, if you have anger you can't control you need to see a doctor.
  9. I really hope you are not a natural English speaker. If so, i weep for the state of our educational system.
  10. No im not narutal English speaker. im Portuguese.
    And yeah i still kinda anger cuz i broke up with my girlfriend last week.
  11. lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol

    i remember my first beer!

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