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    So last night I was tokin up in some bomb weed. I'm talkin the best i've had in years. So i'm in my basement ripping some gravity bong and let me tell ya, my basement is like a straight dungeon. So as I was saying i'm a few rips deep and I go to light another when this, this MOTHERFUCKIN SPIDER just lowers his fat ass down from the ceiling, right into my face. I'm about to light this gate and me and the cocknobbler just lock eyes. From there its all game son, I have a staring contest with this knuckledick for about 3 minutes before he just climbs back up his shitty ass thread starts climbing upside down on my roof comin straight at my ass, i'm backing up scared as fugg and he just dissapears. Scariest thing in my life.... /end rant
    pic related, kinda what my basement looks like[​IMG]

  2. This just made me laugh ny ass off! Haha

  3. damn dude  if you really have a dungeon for a basement thats pretty fuckin awsome, fuck the spider im coming over and were gonna get some escorts and have a dungeon party =)
  4. fuck spiders, they're the reason i refuse to go into my basement lol.

    do you have cave crickets in your basement? we get em down there and outside my house, those things are scary as hell when you're trying to smoke and one just hops right at you.
  5. I don't fuck with spiders or bees. 
  6. Wow, that IS scary! :laughing:
  7. Damn Knuckledicks always scaring people and shit 
  8. why you gotta diss his thread b?
    Who dissed it? lol. 
  10. i meant the spider thread hahaha
  11. Cocknobbler :laughing:
  12. This is OP's true identity.
  13. This is OP's true identity.


    You talkin to me?

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  14. What's a sprider?
  15.  The only reason most of you fear spiders is directly because of pesticide companies.
     Really sad that spiders do not get regulation or protection because everyone irrationally fears them..
      Aptostichus is a genus with a very sad story, many went extinct, and people don't care because they're spiders. :(
  16. Lol  just about bro, i'm down man hit me up and we'll hot box my basement with some fine ass chicks, no spiders aloud tho...
    Haha yea man I have everything in my basement, its like a muthuhfuckin zoo ....
  17. Welcome Phonix style 
  18. Yeah so you don't end up at the bottom of OP's well being told to put the lotion in the basket.
  19. A lot of males have a fear of spiders; I am not a fan of all bugs the minute they start crawling on me or coming inside with me but spiders I like as long as I don't see them since they eat bugs. Arachnophobia is the term, I was going to hold back but impossible.  
  20. I do indeed think I have arachnophobia....... considering as a child I was raped by a spider

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