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  1. That which we commonly refer to as physical. The sort that have a physical manifestation on a being, which is generally observable via electromagnetic radiation sensory.

    What of them?

    I have no proposed thesis, just more with to gather other's opinions.
  2. How is this spiritual or philosophical?
  3. Maybe scars contribute to character development in certain personalities. Constant visual reinforcement of a certain memory or emotion.

    my two cents.
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    I ask pertaining to their spiritual and philosophical implications.

    What is their relation to one's sense of spirituality? How do they interact? If not, why?

    Depending on a person's base perspective and worldview, every individual might answer differently. The topic of it being a scar is just really an arbitrary starting point to explore these ideas.

    I have lots of scars, they're of interest to me.

    elaboration is useful, huh?
  5. Hmm... with you it has been. Beyond that, who can make an objective statement?

    Here we demonstrate our open minds by entertaining the idea of you being objective. ;)
  6. Indeed, that's why I'm inquiring opinions.

    Let me hear yours, bkadoctaj.
  7. I see nothing to scars. Why would each scar be the same simply because we head them all under the word "scar"?

    Here's my best association with the idea.
  8. I don't think scars are the same either :D
  9. Its like everyone of us is our own symbol, and if you got scars, thats part of your symbol. It means like, you battled demons or somethin'.
  10. So not exactly birthmarks? More like lifemarks?

  11. Exactly
  12. I got one birthmark, it looks like a shroom. seriously. :smoking:
  13. lol You are hilarious. :)
  14. Scars are a window to the past....

  15. I see each and every scar on my body as a pure manifestation of the emotion I was feeling at the time. Regret, sadness, anger, rage, humiliation, pride and spitefulness. Some of the scars on my body remind of positive things, and some negative but I embrace each and everyone of them.

    You just gotta roll with it, in the famous words of Noel Gallagher.

  16. That was deep shit bro :bongin:
  17. tattoo's are technically scars with ink stuck in them, all of mine have meaning

    other than that scars are like visible checkpoints of your life, perhaps you got shot/stabbed and almost died, and you changed your whole life around for the better, and when times get tough and you wanna go back to how you lived before you almost got killed there a reminder of why you switched up your life.. thats more of a gang thing, but plenty of people have scars from car crashes or whatever that changed their lives.

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