Scaring friends high?

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  1. My friend screamed and said " chris behind you!" I shook and turned quickly and said "what the fuCK???" thats how scared i got

    so get a friend thats high and shout that , i gaurentee he will shit his pants lmfao

    P.s - this gatorade fruit punch tastes like wine ... anyone notice the wierd taste high???
  2. Could easily ruin a buzz doing that.
  3. this asshole i used to smoke with always clapped in my face and shit to try and scare me. one day he did it and i decked him in the face and just left him unconcious in the middle of walmart.
  4. I don't like being scared. lol I'm really jumpy because of not sleeping sometimes, though (insomnia rampant) and weed usually allows me to relax. I can actually rationally respond to stimuli when high rather than my fight or flight always getting its panties in bunch. :)
  5. Dude you're that asshole friend that everyone hates. Thinks it's funny to scare the piss outta high kids.
  6. Don't scare people, unless you want them to not like you.
  7. One big rule I have is you don't try to scare anyone or *mess with them*. They aren't tripping and you're just looking like a fucking fool and asking to get punched in the face.
  8. we did a lot crazier shit than that...... my friends would jump out of some bushes with ski masks and AKs or something like that to fuck with me........ yeah I have nice friends.

    But it is funny to scare people, high or not...... I don't know whatchu all talkin about.
  9. Na man I have this friend who is a fucking retard. Every time he gets high he hold up his hands and asks how many fingers he's holding up, waves his hand in front of your face, every 2 minutes he says, "Dude your way too high", when all I'm doing is sitting there. Needless to say I haven't smoked with him in a couple months.
  10. Sometimes I like to act all scared and be like, "...uh-oh" and everyone's all like, "oh shit...what?" and I'm like, "nahhhhh I'm jk"

    And writing that just now has caused me to realize how stupid that really is.
  11. i just thought it would be funny, i laughed myself lol but if your gonna be gay then fine
  12. When i get startled, i throw fist. It's just a reaction I can't help it lol.
    I can never go back to a haunted hall :(
  13. lol thats epic, and douchey at the same time
  14. One time I was sitting in the car with my friends and just finished a few joints and he was playing with a pocket knife (The bladce was about 9 inchs long) and I looked away out the window then he stabbed me in the heart. I yelled "Man what the fuck you just killed me!" I was really high and I thought he literally stabbed me in the heart and I was dead, damn I miss not having a tolerance. But anyways it turns out he put the blade away and just hit me with the handle. HOLY SHIT I was scarred,then after he pulled it back and I saw their was no blade we both had a good laugh. Ah that was a fun day.
  15. i was in a housing project hallway. i looked at a random corner to see if there was something valuable on the floor. turned around and my friend comes out of another corner and ran at me like a fast zombie so i kicked him in the temple with my toes.

    he was like "yo what the fuck man???"

    i told him not to scare me earlier too haha.
  16. Gotta be over 18 to be on this forum mate.
  17. Dude, whenever I get stoned with my friend I turn off all the lights in my room except the strobe light and hide behind shit and jump out at him (For those of you who haven't done this, strobe lights make everything look like you're playing a game with really low fps or something.. Its hard to explain lol). Anyway, it scares the shit out of him and also provides hours of entertainment...
  18. When I'm really gone, I like to get scared. Like, I was staring at a picture, and a random scary ass face popped out and I was just like WOA.....h.... It was oddly orgasmic.
  19. after comin in from smokin , me n my homies would shutthe liights off n duct tape 1 of our friends to a chair ... . ghyeaa i knoow , we kill highs...

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