Scariest word a stoner or a grower could ever hear

Discussion in 'General' started by Scarecrow_420, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. to me it would be DRUG TEST!! and Indicment Papers:(:eek:
  2. Thats two words...
  3. my bad meant to write words
  4. bag's empty.
  5. "hands In The Air You Fuckin Dirtbags"
  6. great googly moogly.
  7. "You're caught"
  8. Knock. Knock.

    "Police search warrant open up!"
  9. *7/11 store clerk*

    "sorry, we're closed"
  10. They will kick your door down if they got a search warrant lol.

  11. RA: "The smell is coming from this room, officers."
  12. cop

    whenever someone says it and Im high my heart drops
  13. Busted!

    that was easy

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