Scariest thing to happen to you while high?

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  1. Here's one of mine, it happened this past week.

    I was with a buddy of mine, who we'll call J. We had just picked up, and we felt like smoking out and about instead of just sitting inside. (There's something super nice about smoking in a parked car, right?)

    We drive out into the country, and pull to the side of a dirt road. It's after midnight, it's super windy, and all around us is just grassy fields and dead trees. We didn't realize how creepy of a spot it was until we looked around after a few joints (tolerance :( ) and realized it.

    Whatever, it's creepy, but it's a great spot and on the off chance that any cars come we can see them a long ways down the road and drive away cause it's obvious what we are doing based on the fogged up car.

    Anyway, J lights up a cigarette and I pull out my ecig because I switched over. We're hanging out, having a good time over drinks and music, when J tells me to look out my window (right side). Off in the distance, we see a light. It looks like a flashlight, but it doesn't make any sense because it's simply a grass field with no barns or residences around, and the lights far out there.

    I tell my buddy J it's all good, that it's far away and not a big deal. But then, the lights pointing directly at us. It was so far way that the light actually didn't hit the car, but it was pointing straight at us, and not moving. At all. It was so dark it would be impossible for anyone that far out to see the car; the car's black, it was off, and we had no lights on inside.

    I'm kinda freaked out, but no too shaken. But then a second light comes up, again, pointing at us but still too far away for the light to hit the car. I start freaking out and tell my buddy to turn the ignition so we can get the fuck out of dodge. In the process of him doing that in a panic, two more lights come up. Not moving, at all.

    We start driving down the path, freaking out. I look back through the window, and the lights were following us (not literally but they followed our direction), and the lights were now GREEN!?!

    It didn't make any sense. Why would there be people out in an empty field that far away? Why would those lights come up one at a time, only after the first one started pointing at us? Why'd the lights turn green? How did they see the car? The light wasn't powerful enough to reach that far, so to whoever had that light from their perspective all they would see is black.

    I guess I'll never know what those lights were.

    What's the scariest thing that's happened to you smoking/while high?

    "Aye man how's my driving?"

    "Uhh I think we're parked man..."
  2. almost drowning Lol.  that second of air i got before i went back down probably saved me Lol.
    but i ended up learning how to swim by jumping and the water and nearly drowning til i got it eventually.  now i can swim :accomplished:
  3. Damn man that's crazy, how'd you get in that situation?

    "Aye man how's my driving?"

    "Uhh I think we're parked man..."
  4. getting pushed in a deep ass bulit in pool.
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    Finished a bowl, reach down to grab another nug, bag was empty. Wasn't sure I'd make it through the night.
    But actually...
    we were driving around late and decided to pull into a park parking lot to toke. We pull in with about 10 other cars in the lot. But why the fuck are there 10 cars in a park lot at midnight? lol. We decide to park up the street and investigate! :laughing:
    We are hiding behind the woody part of the park tokin onies when sure enough, almost all at once, the cars turned on, pulled out the lot and parked right across the street. :eek:
    Wasn't actually that scary after we figured it was a party where people couldn't smoke in the house, or some other reason.
    Yeah, some Freddie Krueger Friday the 13th type shit.
  6. Got high before a surf. Nearly drowned. It was awesome.
  7. UFO, or rednecks like myself fucking with you...
  8. Probably getting pulled over while the driver and I were baked out of our skulls, and we had weed and a rice krispies treat edible in the center console. The only reason we got pulled over is because we visited an atm late at night and they were investigating because there had been sketchy doings around the area. When those lights turned on my heart froze. I had never been arrested or anything at that point and I was terrified. There is no way that cop did not know we were stoned. The car probably reeked like weed and our eyes were redder than the devil's dick. He just let us go though. No idea why.
  9. A cop car was directly behind me while I was smoking a joint one time. I was so suprised that they didn't pull me over.

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    We pulled into this sketch motel so we could smoke in the lot undisturbed. People were coming and going (drug deals it seemed) so we weren't really paying attention to the other cars. Then a car pulls up like he would if he was going to be parking in the spot next to us and sits there for a bit with his lights on. My boyfriend is sitting in plain view on the passenger side about to take a hit when my friend goes "Oh shit, that's a COP!". My boyfriend dropped that pipe into his lap fastest I've ever seen someone drop a pipe without spilling.
    We sat there freaking out without actually acting like we were freaking out while this cop just sat there with his lights directly on us. We seriously thought we were fucked. Then after a minute or two, he pulls forward, about fifteen feet ahead of where he was and stops there for another five minutes. We were all so confused and freaked out, but we knew if we tried to leave, he'd come after us.
    Then he just pulled out of the lot and we waited a few minutes and split back to our hotel. It was nuts that he didn't stop because it was very obvious what was going down. He must have either had something more important to do, or he felt like giving some stoners a panic attack. Either way, he about succeeded in the latter.

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  11. Those were UFOS
  12. Probably, man.

    "Aye man how's my driving?"

    "Uhh I think we're parked man..."
  13. When I was like 16 I was smoking with 4 other friends in a back of a truck under a blanket hotboxing. We were In front of our friends house, so no reason why we would have any problems..

    Were smoking and chilling for like a hour and then suddenly a car pulls up.. Everyone panics and someone gets out of the car with a flashlight . no one wants to peak up and look at what's going on. So I do, and all I see is a guy looking around the yard with that flashlight. So I jokingly say cops! And everyone gets silent.

    The funny part was everyone was still talking loud panicing even though there was a dude with a flashlight 5feet from the truck were in.

    So then my friend that lives were we are smoking at peaks up and looks and says oh its you.. I'll get my parents.

    Turns out it was someone that was supposed to come to pick something up in the yard.

    I would say this was scarier then actually getting arrested high. Lol.
  14. Smoking behind the apartment pool few years ago.

    There was a little hang out spot where the Gardeners probably ate lunch, some plastic chairs and trashcan. So we hung out there at night and one night, I heard heavy footsteps (I know difference between hare coyote and cougar), it was a very slow but heavy step.
    I shine my phone light into the bush and see massive yellow eyes within 20 feet. The only time I felt like I could of died by an animal.

    Instant sobriety lol
  15. depends on how you roll your joints, but more often than not id say a cop would just assume its a cigarette
  16. One time I was high as fuck .. And my ex called me
    No I'm jk. Probably the time my sister and I were smoking in her car by the beach (we were parked near a neighborhood but not exactly in it) and a cop drove up behind us right as we were starting to leave. He chased us around the neighborhood for a good 5 minutes before we finally found the exit. I've never hidden a bong faster in my life. hahaha
  17. it'll break GC rules
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    Just today actually, I had just finished smoking and had to go somewhere.. so I hop in the trusty whip and set off to my destination. We had just gotten the first snowfall of the season and the edges of the road were just a biiit slushy. I come up around this turn and see a snowplow coming in the other lane, now the weird part of this story is just prior to what is about to happen I get this weird chill down my spine, and not because it was brick tits out, but it was like a spidey sense... so I pass the snowplow but the motherfucker is halfway in my lane! Don't get me wrong I fuckin love snowplow drivers, hell my father is one, but this dude almost killed me! So I give my car a little whip to the right to avoid this buttpirate and the slush got the best of me and pulled my car in towards the ditch. I give it a minor crank back to the left and I feel it lose traction, next thing I know my car is sliding mean to the left at about 45mph so I let the wheel do its thing and straighten out and I saved it just in time! My heart was going crazy It was enough for me for one day...
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    After scooping a lil bit of bud this one time about 2 years ago, me and my buddy went to the spot we always went to to blaze. First bowl cashed, no problem. Packing the second one and as I was just about finishing up cops roll up on us. Now this is a dead end street and we're parked in a little parking lot for this like nature preserve/park.

    We're trapped and they shine their lights on my car. A lady cop walks up and tells me to roll down the window. She tells us "I already know what you guys are doing" cause it wreaked of bud. She tells us to get out and have our hands on top the car. We both got frisked, I did by the female cop my buddy had the guy haha. I tried to play it cool but I was shaking and a nervous wreck.

    They end up doing a quick search, they got my pipe and my buddy's grinder. We were honest with them so that's why I think they cut us a break. Basically told us to never come here again, and I clearly remember the lady cop telling us "if I ever see you guys doing this again, I'm gonna arrest you. I'll be looking for you". The male cop was the one who had the say in what he wanted to do with us.

    Like I said in the previous paragraph he told us we seemed pretty honest and "we don't wanna have to get the dog out so your car gets all dirty." (It just rained that day)

    Best part of the story, MY grinder was still under the seat where I put it and my buddy had a scale so we didn't get fucked over buying bud and it was in the side door.

    Moral of the story: don't hotbox a car on a dead end street with a bunch of paraphernalia

    Edit: we were somewhat honest, just didn't wanna fork over everything :smoke:

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  20. I ran out of weed this one time, I was fucking terrified

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