Scariest shit @ a drive-thru!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by iTrance420, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. I've had to scary experiences one was when my mom n I were @ Jack in the Box, and my mom had her window down, and this girl came up behind, like staggering all over, panting, saying "Somebody call the cops please call the cops" and she like staggered around to the front and fell face first and just laid on the curb. The ambulance had to come get her n everything.

    Then a different day we were @ McDonalds and like 9 cops appeared like out of the blue, surrounded the drive through, came running after this guy who was in the drive thru right behind us!

    Crazy shit happens in this town.
  2. Oregon. Haha
  3. Oh just wondering. When i went on a vacation to arizona, on every fuckin' corner there was a jack in the box. but that's some crazy shit brah
  4. Way to elaborate...All I got from that is some drunk female fell on the curb, and another time cops arrested a dude...

    I have had 3 people try to get a ride from me and my friends all trying to open the friend got out his baton from under the seat haha they left

  5. LOL yeah but when you're from a super small town, AND you're pretty high. It intensifies it.

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