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Scariest movie you guys have ever seen?

Discussion in 'General' started by bealzz, Jan 26, 2003.

  1. i dunno, i was just thinking about how i havent found many scary movies lately, i dunno mine probably has to be Stephen King's IT. i think it was because i watched it when i was really young, but recently i dunno, most movies arent cutting it, Signs was okay, some parts were creepy.

    So, what are some of youre guyses scariest or creepiest movies?
  2. When i was young the omen used to scare the shitout of me......Peace out...Sid
  3. this is gonna sound funny, but when I was little the movie Gremlins used to scare me to death...I'm not scared now, but damn!

    I can't think of any movies that scare me now, except for maybe Bring it On
  4. LMAO....i used to check under the bed for out....Sid
  5. i watched signs last started good, then got worse slowly. and the ending was horrible :(

    stephen kings "the stand" gets my vote

    and "IT" is pretty damn freaky too
  6. the scariest movie i've probably ever seen was shazam with shaq.. he needs to keep it in the zoo
  7. I think The Shining probably scared me more than any other movie.
  8. Hellraiser just scared the crap out of me. I was stoned when I saw it, and swore I'd never watch it again.
  9. i think most go the scariest movies were from the 70's. carrie was freaky and christine(the car, i think that's what it was called), the shinning, kujo ....ooooo the omen freaked me out to, the exorsist maybe a few of these were later than the 70's but the movies nowadays just don't scare me at all. signs sucked and i'm a sucker for aliens. light in the sky- that's a true story about an abduction and that one freaked me out a bit. the entity wich is also a true story about entities who beat and rape(i'm pretty sure that's what happens but i haven't seen it in yrs either) this one women all the time. anyways most of my scariest movie pics seem to be from a long time ago lol!
  10. Event Horizon, Hellraiser, Jeepers Creepers (the parts where the truck shunts them scares the fuck outta me) and Thirteen Ghosts... I would never have imagined ghosts like that. Fucking psychotic film.
  11. thirteen ghosts? i don't think i've seen that one. how's the plot?
  12. thirteen ghosts is not worth seeing in my opinion

  13. I think you mean Fire in the Sky?

    That movie was wonderful. I think it's the best UFO related movie I've ever seen. Some might not like it since it's not pure action the whole time, but the revealing parts of the movie are some of the most visually shocking things I've ever seen on film.

    I consider myself to be pretty rational, but the way I felt upon seeing the revealing parts of the movie makes me certain that humanity isn't ready to see what else is out there.

  14. Yeah that's it!! yeah that was a good one. one of my favorites.
  15. yeh i love scary movies, and i love getting the shit scared outta me, Shining, house on the haunted hill, childs play, now thats one fuck up movie.
  16. Lars Von Trier: Epidemic

    Tetsuo (in a way)

    Twin peaks - Fire walk with me

    I dunno but the monster movies aren't scary, they're just fun to watch, what appeals to me are these wird films where everything isn't shown and explained, where the horror takes place inside you're head.
  17. well, 13 ghosts has an awful storyline.... but not a badly made movie in my opinion.
  18. definatly the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    if you havent seen it, check it out. its fucking crazy.
  19. Woody!!
    Evil Dead!!!
    I totally forgot about those movies...
    Not only were they scary, but had the best actor ever.
    Ash is by far the best hero so to say for evil movies!
  20. I think the scariest movie I have seen is "The Exorcist". I have the dvd with the extra scenes and when she does that spider crawl down the stairs-that really freaked me out. Plus its based on a true story which adds to it.

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