Scariest Moment Ever

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by MGS6TBE, May 6, 2011.

  1. So check this a few months back my immediate family and I stayed at my aunt's house. Myself being deprived of product, realized my bro from Alabama was coming in with some dank.

    Because I had been working out and being deprived, left me feeling pure..(knowing this its going to hit me like a tank) So the first night my bro came we both celebrated with a bowl. And this is some strong stuff (when isn't it?) anyway to speed up the story..around twelve we both hear the sound of metal indentations hitting our car..starting from the trunk to the roof.. me and my brother are like "WTF?!"

    our first reaction were to lock the doors.. right as we were in the process of doing so.. a huge thud hit a few feet from our car, the thing had jumped! it was so dark that it was hard to tell what it was as it was pacing back and forth. My thoughts were "oh f... it's a lion! mountain lion. wait there aren't any mountains
    . f... what is it?" later it left and my bro kicked me out(worst thing to do)..and in the morning we found out that our neighbor had lost her huge dog.
  2. Good god. There was a dog on your roof? Why did you brother kick you out? Dude that dude is A DICK. If there was a real mountain lion outside your car your "bro" would be a murderer.
  3. hahaha, your brother is fucked up dude! im all stoned right now and picturing this whole thing happening cracked me up hahaha. :)
  4. im stoned too, but that scared the shit outta me
  5. Hahaha what a dick... Oh yea, and mountain lions don't just live in the mountains. Just sayin.
  6. Why did he think it was a good idea to kick you out when you thought a mountain lion had ran across the roof of your car?
  7. I'm pretty high and just reading it made me scared haha.

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