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Scariest Experience Whilst High

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by PokeSmot24/7, May 26, 2009.

  1. This was back when I was pretty new to it all, had just gotten my license and me and my bud were cruising along the road smoking out of my new bubbler. I remember thinking to myself why is this asshole flashing his brights at me, then I look closer IT WAS A FUCKIN COP, it threw me off because he was in a huge s.u.v cop car so I didn't notice him at first, being the first time I had ever been pulled over...very high I pulled into some alley and stopped scared for my life. He comes up to me yelling, very furious....I knew I was fucked... He doesn't ask for my license or my insurance, he is just PISSED. He yells to me, I WAS FOLLOWING YOU FOR 7 BLOCKS WHY DIDN'T YOU PULL OVER, I didn't see you, WHY DID YOU PULL INTO AN ALLEY, I don't know WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU'RE DRICING AT NIGHT, have my lights on, AND WHAT DO WE DO WHEN WE CHANGE LANES? You signal, then he said TURN YOUR FUCKING LIGHTS ON AND SIGNAL NEXT TIME and then proceeds to get into his car and drive off.... I left the situation dumbfounded and shaking...then we smoked a bowl.
  2. Wow that musta sukd one time I had a bag of white widow in my pocket at scool...... Then the assistant principle decided to call me down to the office..... I think u no wat happens next...
  3. You stabbed him and took off with the weed?
  4. getting pulled over... getting searched ... getting arrested ... getting a gun pointed at you...

    all of which happened at different points of time when I was high.

    powerful stuff.
  5. well this was on april 5th I think...can't remember lol but I had gotten off work at 3 and had pre packed a bowl earlier that day to blaze after work and chill....well I was hit up to match it I of course said yes well I thought I was smoking 2 bowls turned out we had bout 6 and a blunt so I dipped right after high as shit and got hit up by another homeboy he bought a dub and I had sum bomb jack flash and we smoked another 5 bowlz o0o0o0o yeaa well we were just chilln and oh popo rolled around and searched the car and put cuffs on me. I was fucking laughing tho cuz they were trippn on my daaaank. got taken downtown and let go still high made it home smoked a last bowl and passed outzzzz good times. blaze on
  6. Burned a dank ass 2 gram blunt to myself, and inhaled every hit as deep as I could. I was so blazed, that I could barely keep my eyes open. We were walking around downtown, and it was hella windy, and I felt like I was in a tornado, shit was ridiculous.
  7. My buddy breakdances alot. He's like crazy agile and shit. He can do a bunch of backflips in a row, and does it alot. You'd be suprised how many ladies come over to watch a guy do a bunch of backflips. We'll, maybe you wouldn't be, but whatever.

    Anyways, he was doing backflips right after we smoked 3 bowls in a row, and so he did one massive one after a bunch of small fast ones, which isnt normal for him and the way he landed the last big backflip made it looked like he landed like kind of on the tip of his head, i thought for sure he broke his neck, maybe paralyazed, but luckily he somehow managed to land on his knees like that. That was really fucked up. Nearly shit a small orphanage.
  8. I used to go chill at this dead end road near an industrial complex on the edge of town since I couldn't smoke at home. The place was close to my house, peaceful and usually deserted at night. Anyways, one time, my brother and I were blazing and this car rolls up, turns around and starts heading in reverse towards us. I panic, start the car, and end up driving past the car as they were reversing. They start coming after us quickly so I bring out my best driving skills and try to get away as best I can. They followed us for about a mile and a half before I lost them by pulling into a grocery store parking lot. Creeped the shit out of me, killed my hight, and sadly, made me never go back to my chill spot again. :(
  9. It was probably some guy just fucking with you. But that sucks dude I woulda been hella scared too. lol
  10. cop rolled up on my last year (my freshman year) up in the dorms haha....muh fucka left the door open while i was starting to roll a blunt, good thing i didnt pull the dro out by that time, but once i realized the cop was there my heart was pounding cuz i had a split swish in the hand

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