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  1. I have one 3 ft plant that sticks out like a sore thumb. It's planted in the middle of a field with a few trees around it. I'm scared to fuck of it being seen. There's a low flying plane going over head as I speak.

    Do you think it will be spotted? I'm really paranoid in these last couple weeks oh well.....
  2. calm down. If its in a terrible spot you have several options

    - move it
    - cut it down premature
    - don't go back until you think its done
    - don't go back at all

    and hope for the best
  3. if you go back go back atg night wearing dark clothing so no one sees you and look around first to make sure no ones staking it out.
  4. They don't go looking for one plant by air.

    I really wouldn't worry about it, one plant just isn't going to stand out from that kind of distance. If they are looking at all, they are looking for more sizable grow ops. Even if by some miracle they did spot it, they aren't going to do a police raid because they see one plant that might be marijuana.

    If you are really worried and feel the need to do something, go tie some red plastic Christmas ornaments to it so it looks like an overgrown tomato plant from a distance.

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