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scared to smoke weed now : / pls help

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by shadycrane, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. yeah so i used to be a really heavy smoker daily, and i ended up being dry for about a week or maybe 2.
    so when i finally picked up more dro, i smoked and i was not able to use the bathroom while high...
    i figured oh i just have no tolorence and im too high or w/e, cuz im pretty experienced with dropping my tolorence in a cold turkey quit and then going back to my smoking habbits.
    well it eventually started getting worse and worse until eventually i had full urine retention and had to go to the hospital and that was not fun lets just say that. 
    since i love weed alot i stupidly made the desision ot try smokeing again, and i barely smoked at all lol but i got way to high and i made sure i didnt drink much for like 2 hours after smoking so i wouldnt be stuck not being able to go again...
    and for the most part everyting worked out.  but the next night i decided id blaze again, and as before i got too high again but thought what ever just got some food and watched a movie thinking id maybe come down some, but i ended up feeling a weird pain out of no where in my dick when i was sitting watching this movie so i just went to sleep hoping id be okay in the morning. but now im gettign periodic pains in my junk and it hurts when i have to pee now, its been 3 days like this and i havnt smoked since and im actually going in tomorrow to get a urine sample done, the doctors have already told me that smoking can irratate the bladder but this feels so much worse then that and im in fear that ill get full retention all over agian.
    i really hate to think weed is causing this cuz sadly weed is a HUGE part of my life and i cant imagine what to do without it forever. taking a t break is one thing but i dont want to go without it forever
    ive done alot of reserch on the web and nothing has been clarified on this point
    so if u couldnt read that wall of text back story, my main question is have any of you experienced problems like this? it seems that its being caused by my smoking weed but like i said, havnt found any proof on websites and the doctors for the most part just tell me not to smoke weed but i only had this problem when i stopped use this last time and then recontinued use.
    when i had the full retention i actually went back to my daily smoking ways cuz i had a catheter in and i figured fuck it cant get any worse then this, when it was taken out after a month and i was able to painfully go, after it was taken out i stopped use again and continued to urinate regularly as i was before, then 2 weeks later i smoke and now i have pain in my junk but im at least still able to relieve myself. anyone who can shed some light to help me understand whats going on will be a life saver
    thank you to all who took the time to read this i really want to smoke but im just sooo scared too now

  2. If you're trolling, please die.

    If you're not then.. Honestly, what the fuck, thats crazy as hell. But just dont smoke weed then dude. sucks you cant piss stoned
  3. #3 shadycrane, Feb 4, 2014
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 4, 2014
    i am not trolling, im want to know if anyone els has had any problems like this
    i dont want to have to quit smoking weed, it just doesnt make sense that i can smoke crazy like i do with no adverse effects and then something liek this starts happening out of no where.
    eitherway im prolly gonna talk to the uroligist when i go there tomorrow.. but im honestly not comfterble talking about smoking weed with my doctor so i was hoping to get some more insight on this before i go in tomorrow and see if its worth bringing up.
    they wernt able to find out the cause of the retention yet and i was supossed to go in on the 15th anyways to get scoped wich wont be fun but at least i thought they would be able to tell me somthing from it. i am going in tomorrow because this pain just started happening and i have stopped smoking again but when i gotta pee i still hurts and its not like a burining sensation either.
    im sorry this sounded like a troll post its just actually that embarrasing and i dont know where els to ask somthing like this. 
  4. Look here officer, that is called badge balls. If you have a badge, you have no balls. Try sitting down...that's how ladies go. If the seat is wet...hover.
  5. If it's interfering with your life, and you don't stop, you're a fucking idiot.
  6. That escalated quickly.

    Look douchehat, if you researched it on the internet and didnt find any help, what kind of you think a bunch of stoners on a messageboard can give you? Just stop smoking 

    You can call us any name you'd like, we can still smoke weed AND urinate. Victory :bongin:
  7. Taking a piss while baked is great especially the long extended ones that feel like forever. Nothing makes forever feel quite as good as being baked does.
  8. I'm just waiting for cball to come and call bullshit on this thread so I can have a good laugh. Does that make me a bad person? Wait no, it doesn't because this pathetic thread is fucking fake.
    Yeah maybe some random stoned people might not help. BUTTTT someone with the same problem could? So how about YOU stop being a douchehat?
  10. #11 Z42OM, Feb 4, 2014
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 4, 2014
    Why do you have to relate weed to your cock pain ? 
    Just because it happens to start at the same time ? If anything , weed is helping whatever the fuck is wrong with ur cock 
    Go see a doctor , what you doing on the fucking internet wasting time ?
    There is NO WAY the smoking weed could hurt your genitals wtf are you serious ? 
    Stop relating it to weed . You just have peeing problems ? Sort it out lol . And keep smoking weed .
    EDIT : Hold up . You had a catheter ? ... So you did go to the hospital ?
    And yet youre still posting this on GC ? Lol wtf ..
    You think we know more than the real doctors ?  .. 
    Im sorry If I missed anything out , your post was too long and needed more paragraphs , I could bring myself to read the whole thing 
    My advice is just go see a doctor ... Or stop smoking weed (only to find that the problem remains) .
  11. are you saying your balls hurt when you smoke?
  12. made me laugh
    Or maybe a doctor could help him. Or if its interfering with his life he could just fucking stop smoking weed. Simple. OP got butthurt and had to call us faggots so no, I will continue wearing said hat of douche.
    Also, thanks for involving yourself in something that didn't concern you. You clearly had a lot of valuable things to add to this discussion.
    I could say the same to you buddy
  15. I meannn... he could. I think all of us need to start working on our impulse insults and posts.
  16. i dont think youre lying mateive never experienced anything anywhere near as bad as that but i sometimes get problems where when im high i find it really hard to piss (I always do eventually though) and I cant tell whether I need a piss or not. While mine arent serious at all I can defiantely understand you suspecting a link between your pissing and weed.Yours seems way to extreme though man Id suspect a medical problem agitated by smoking or something I dont know. One tip is dont get stressed trying to piss youll make it worse
  17. What is wrong with you guys?  Literally almost every post in this thread is troll except the OP.
    If its a fake troll thread then fuck off and dont contribute.
    Op, I really dont see how smoking can irritate the bladder.  I have never heard this before, ever.  Could this all be your mindset and maybe your just way too high?  Do you know what kegel strengthening is?  Men who cannot control when they go to the bathroom are often advised to strengthen their kegels. I think you should possibly look into it.
    The only part I can relate to is when I get really high before taking a shit then I wait too long and I dont need to shit anymore but I try anyway and fail miserably.
    you got it...
    all the criteria;
    • new account
    • bullshit story to make pot seem bad
    • backed by new accounts...
    anti mj/mmj groups working overtime people...don't feed the propaganda trolls and enemy agents.
  19. Sounds like a UTI or similar disease that could cause discomfort there, you bang any transient hookers lately?

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