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Scared to smoke ever again need advice. A little long but I really need the help :cry

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by creedman, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. So I'll try and make this brief as possible.
    My brother was the one who introduced me to smoking.
    I remember the first time I smoke I loved it.
    So after that I smoked from time to time.
    Very relaxed

    But about a month ago I met a dealer that lives very close to me.
    He sells nickle's and I bought two.
    I smoked a blunt with a friend on my back porch everything was great had a good time no worries.

    Second time I smoked the whole blunt myself still nothing bad happened it was pretty sweet.

    Here it comes the problem that's scared me shit less.
    I bought a 3rd bag from him a week later.
    Went out on my back porch smoked the whole blunt myself.
    Felt good went inside.
    I can't remember the rest it's all blank but I remember sitting on my futon couch. and my brother said something that mad me laugh alot.
    I tried to stop from laughing but couldn't I start getting scared.
    And I feel like I'm literally in hell the rooms spinning and I felt as though I was looking at the inside of my mind. My heart was beating so fucking fast.
    Sitting still caused me to be dizzy laughing would scare me I had to keep moving. I didn't know who I was and kept repeating the same sentences over and over again like what's my name and who am I

    And I got some water but when ever I would go by the sink I would feel as though I was watching myself.

    It sort of calmed down a little and I went to a friend house and they asked me was I high I don't remember what I said but all I know is I was finally able to sleep I was knocked and felt high for hours.

    Being the stubborn man I am.
    I decided fuck this I'm a man I got this.
    So I buy one more bag from him.
    Same thing happened but it was a little less intese.
    But I was still paranoid as fuck.

    I kept moving around to try and keep from tweaking.

    The 6th time was at a friends house not the same friend.
    The had a dime and it was split between me and 2 other people.
    I took 2 puffs and that's it because I could already feel that same intesne feeling coming up. I had to keep myself from laughing and sitting in one place for to long also I drank alot of water

    I ended up going outside in the hallway pacing back and fourth and dancing to try and shake it off because I could feel it coming up.

    That's when I finally made the decision to not do it again.
    But I miss the old times when I smoked it was great what went wrong?
    I'm also getting this feeling when drinking to. Which is why I stopped that.

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