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Discussion in 'General' started by Cplus, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. A while back I had a panic attack while driving and now I'm scared to drive even though I'm completely fine now. I've tried driving around the block and I'm fine doing that but as soon as I get to the traffic light at the end of my street to turn into traffic my heard pounds and I feel a sense of dread wash over me so I just do a u-turn. I've been taking the bus to work now which is an hour and ten minutes away by bus. I have no idea what to do and it's fucking stupid because I've driven ripped out of my mind before but I can't even drive out of my block sober now. Anyone got any suggestions?
  2. I think the way to get over it is by forcing yourself to drive (basically exposure therapy). Got someone that can drive you somewhere that isn't busy so you can drive without worrying as much? Like cruise around a park or somewhere that you feel comfortable driving at?
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  3. Come by my place, I'll take you offroading and you will feel my jeep almost tip over on a steep hill.
    You'll be cured overnight
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  4. I guess that would be the best way to do it And if I start feeling really anxious we could switch sides that's actually a good idea.
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  5. If it is any consolation I once kicked the shit out of a car with my head.:coolalt:
  6. Are you scared of driving or scared of getting pulled over

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  7. Yeah, when my tolerance was very low, I'd have the same exact reaction.. Enjoy it!
  8. Try to use your anxiety to your advantage if that makes sense. For example i could worry about other traffic or getting pulled over constantly and have a panic attack. It's all about how you think of it.

    Instead when i'm high i'm constantly checking my speed, looking for cops, watching out for cars and pedestrians and stuff like that. Then instead of feeling paranoid and nervous, i feel relieved because i'm just trying to be safe on the road.
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  9. There are some times you just shouldn't drive.

    I find cannabis provides an equilibrium for driving where my mood state doesn't vary enough to be dangerous. It's more predictable. I'm safer, more cautious...but less efficient.

    When I'm sober, I could be high/low/upside down/backward mentally and it's hard to figure this out when you're driving down the road til it's too late.

    Driving is a DANGEROUS business. If your danger sense is flaring, listen to it. Not worth getting in a wreck just because it's more convenient. It's smart to take a step back from driving every now and harm can really come from that.

    I definitely had similar anxiety after my first and only real panic attack driving...and had friends that have been terrified of driving after wrecks totally sober.

    Be default, many drivers eventually become complacent/disassociated with how real the dangers are. If you focus on them too much, they cripple you, not enough and they cripple you. Driving is kind of like a close your eyes and jump thing, unfortunately. Losing that disassociation and become "associated" with how frightening it really is (Such as a wreck/panic attack) makes it hard to go back to normal. Consider it a lesson/blessing and learn to stay in the middle.

    My solution was riding the bus for a change of perspective and not having to tax my mind with it. Just enjoy smoking before you get on the bus and it's like an adventure every day (or at least it was for me).

    Or buy an extremely safe vehicle with a lot of added crash protections (like metal bumpers/roll cage/solid chassis/etc.) That's the Hardcore route for the super paranoid...but paranoia is sometimes wisdom

    Cheers. GL, ride alongs sound like an excellent idea.
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  10. Mind blown
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  11. How can you drive ripped WITHOUT having a full-blown panic attack?

    lol .. I was once riding my moped high and I rode past some cops who were handcuffing a dude for public drunkenness. As soon as I saw those red and blue lights reflecting off of the fences of nearby buildings .. I felt like somebody had dropped a cold bucket all over my spine .... it gave me the chills .. my face went cold. I was scared as fuck.
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  12. Leave the weed at home, get a friend and take a nice road trip in the rurals with some of your favorite music.
    Soon, with good conversation and good music, you'll forget completely about being anxious.
    Driving is quite relaxing and enjoyable when you get on the open road.
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