Scared to death lst night!!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by WaterLillyFairy, Dec 10, 2003.

  1. Ok, so it's 11:00 pm at night, and my husband and I were sitting on the couch watching George Carlin (I love getting blazed and watching stand up) and our dorrbell rang. Naturally, on a tuesday night we were not expecting anyone, and Brian told me to go get our weapon. Now our door doesn't have any windows or peep holes on it, so we have to go into our bedroom and look out that window. Well we can't see our door, but if they have a vehicle we can see that... He didnt' recognise the truck, so he went back to the front door and heard the oerson jinggeling keys (two weeks ago someone stole my purse that had my keys in it) so brian grabs the door and swings it open (now at this point I'm just coming out of the room with the gun and I hear a commotion in our door way and I hear some voice say "Oh, I have the wrong house"). When I come out I see this guy wearing a red hat, with dark curly hair inside my door way, and Brian is struggling to push him out, and he looks up at me and I point the gun at him and say "Get out of our house." and he stands there for a minute and then realises I have a gun pointed at his head, and at this point my husbadn was able to grab him and sling him out the door. He just went to his truck and took off and he forgot his plastic bag on our door step. All I could think at the time is this guy is trying to force his way into our home for whatever reason. I called 911 and the police came by and by this time my adrinalin was going down (and my buzz was gone) and we were able to look at the situation from the outside, and I have my own theory. This guy was drinking and on medication (there was meds in his bag) and he was going possibly to a friends to stay the night. He got the directions, or address mixed up. He rang the doorbell hopeing someone would come and open the door so he didnt' have to. He realised no one was coming so he started fumbling with his keys to open the door, then it bursts open and some strange guy he's never seen before is standing there. He says he's at the wrong house, and stands there about to ask for directions or whatnot, and the wind blows (last night the wind was blowing down trees all over town) and it pushed him forward into our doorway, and this guy flips out and grabs him and now suddenly he's in the doorway of this house and here's this B*tch pointing a gun at you telling you to get out, and he's still thinking "what the F*ck is going on??!!" and he's grabbed and thrown out, and he just leaves, still wondering what just happened, and compleatly forgetting his bag. Now obvisouly thinking about this end of the situation really makes me feel kinda bad.. I mean it could have been an honest mistake, and this poor guy was scared as bad as I was.. maybe even more...but then I think, what if it HAD been what Brian and I thought it was.. some guy trying to force hisway into our home.. when I think of that, I dont feel bad at all, I have a 2 year old sleep ing in the room down the hall and had I NOT reacted that way, I would worry about the safety of my family. Anyways, I just wanted to share my adrinaline rush.
  2. Maybe a bit paranoid there?

    Someone only knocked the door, why didn't you just go and answer the door without the aid of a gun or getting too paranoid?

    Someone could have only been asking for directions.

    My god, people are too serious sometimes.
  3. Our neighbors car was stole just a few nighta ago, and people have had break ins around here.. and I'm sorry but you dont go to someones house at 11 PM on a tuesday night, and I didn't pull the gun up until I saw this guy in my house.. If you would really react differently then that's you, but I'll be damned if someone is getting into MY home. Had he just been asking for directions things would have gone differently, but on our judgement this man was trying to force himself into our home I think we reacted quite well concidering we felt like our family was in danger.
  4. lol, i can imgaine what that guy was thinking as he drove away... hahah :D

    anyway, seems like you did the right thing, even if the gun was pulled a little premature.
  5. hahha, gun toten americans :D i love it.

    that would never happen round here, i have people commin to my door at allll hours of the day, never announced or invited might i add hahah....

    anyways, if that had happened to me!! id of fucking RANN!!

    never trust a women with a gun...

    (dont know if mean dont trust a women who has a gun, or just dont trust a women with using a gun... either way, AHH!!!)

    hahah, good work, keep the family safe!!
  6. whoah

    what kind of gun was it?

    i am thinking about getting one, i live in a kind of nice area surrounded by ghetto ass shit, and people are always really shady even at the gas station or the grocery store
  7. Whoa! thats pretty extreme, getting a gun LOL.

  8. Actually, we did tell them about the gun, it's registered and compleatly legal, so we didn't feel the need to keep it a secret. Now of course, I hid my stash VERY Well and left out the fact I was compleatly blazed the first little bit... (until I realised I was pointing a gun at some dude's face.. talk about Buzz Kill) so we do know the art of discression. ;)
  9. i woulda dun the same...he wont ever do it
  10. :eek: woah.:eek:dayum:eek:
  11. a few comments...

    first you take speed/amphetamines/uppers of any sort? you sound like someone comin off a weekend binge gettin the ol' skitzo effect... the meds have his information on them? if theyre prescription they should list his address name etc. etc. maybe you could pay HIM a visit...just hope he doesn't greet people the same ay you guys do...

    third...some of your theory sounds..ehh..fucked.... you say the WIND BLEW him INTO your house?...dammn those hurricanes!.. also...why would HE fumble for his FRIENDS keys if he honestly thought it was another house?....I dont have keys to my friends houses..I do however have a doorbell finger which comes in handy when I DO need to enter a friends house...

    lastly...better to be safe than long as nobody is missing their face...

  12. Fair enough then, it's your decision.

  13. I am not trying to sound harsh, or rude, or anything, I'm very sick, and just wanted to check my email, and found this responce so I figured I might as well take care of it...

    I know you guys/gals dont know me, but the people who do can't believe I was the one holding the gun..the only time I've ever held a gun before was shooting skeet with my aunt and uncle when I was 12. I've hated that gun since we got it.. Brian had to sneak it by me when he first got it, then he had to convince me to keep it.. now I'm glad he did. I understand people all react differently, and this was how I reacted, and I am in no way ashamed of what I did.. I would do it again if I was faced with the same situation. Anyway, long enough, I am going back to bed, so I'll talk to everyone later...

  14. enough said..I wasn't trying to rag on ya fairy...sorry if it came across that way

  15. No, you're cool, dont worry about it, I wasn't offended, I figured you woudn't have posted it if you weren't actually curiouse.. I know there are some people who Like to make derogatory remarks, but I've never found a post like that from you, so I assumed you were genuenly (sorry I have horrible spelling) curious about those points, I personally hope I did not come across as bitchy, I wasn't trying to be, again as you weren't trying to be.. so it's "all good" :)
    No hard feelings here...

    ::hugs and kisses::

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