scared the shit outa me

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by EEbrew, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. So the other night I was hanging out with some friends. This girl was thizzin and didn't have anything to drink so I decided I would drive her to the store to get some juice. I had about 3 good jays to my dome and I was feeling good. So I'm waiting at the light waiting to turn left. While I'm waiting a popo make a right turn onto the road I was on and pulled up right be hind me. I make my turn and cut across 2 lanes and pull into the store parking lot. We go inside to get some stuff and when we come out he is parked right in front of my car with his spot light on. At this point I start trippin out. We go back in for 20 minutes and just chill. Then we come out and he has his lights flashing and he is talk to some guy. Me and the girl get in my car and take off. He immediately turns his lights off and starts to follow us. At this point I go nuts take a quick tune onto a back road, turn my lights off, and procede to blast back to my friends apartment.

    It also turn out I lost 2 jays I rolled with 1 g in each ?

    was this po just messing with me?
  2. maybe he knew you were high and was trying to make you paranoid;)
  3. wow sounds freaky...

  4. why would they do that why don't people mind thier own business
  5. Well, one countless people don't mind their own business, and it is a cop, so its his job to get into other peoples business.

    He probally thought you were drunk or something, or he was just looking for any reason to pull you over to bust you. Probally just a slow night.

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