Scared Shit-less

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by walkableink, May 28, 2009.

  1. alright so this shit happend the other night, quite funny though

    so its around 3 AM and we are sober but looking for some shit. we go up through this wooded area that you have to drive through to gegt to the city i live near. well right before the woods there is a convienice store. and we spot this cop sitting next to in with his lights off.

    so we are like "OH SHIT OH SHIT" even though we had nothing on us, we are a couple of punks and i though it would be awesome at the time if we walked into my sources crib with my hawk up and dyed neon orange. so we drive past the cop and we had a sigh of relief.....untill we see headlights pull out from where the cop was.

    so this cop follows us through the wooded area which has no street lamps so all we can see is his headlights. and fucking "Viva las Vegas" by the dead kennedys had just came on lol. so we see the first street lamp at the end of the road going through the wooded area. and we pass through it. i look back and see NO HEADLIGHTS!. and i keep looking back and the cop never passed under the streetlamp. and he had to be pretty good to navigate throught the road that ran through the woods with no lights

    creepy at the time, so either we got ninja'd by a sneaky ass cop or we ran into a GHOST COP!!!!1!??! spooky...
  2. sketchy shit, where in pa are you from?
  3. Lebanon

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