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  1. Hi I know this is my only post but I always go on this website, and have been for years. Anyways, Ive recently signed up because I have a problem. Whenever I smoke, I feel really depressed and always have a bad trip by thinking what its like to die and what happens, but when Im sober, I still think about it but it doesn't bother me as much. I don't know, I'm just really scared, and I smoked for my first time in two weeks just now and still having same problems, so I don't know. Could it be the weed type?

  2. My opinion? You have a low low low low tolerance and probably some anxiety. My advice?

    Smoke moar, chill out.
  3. stop letting your mind own you
    own yourself maneegggg
  4. There are two things involved in getting high: your mind and weed. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess there's nothing wrong with the weed...
  5. My opinion is you have anxiety. I'm diagnosed with it and feel what you feel kinda but my anxiety lowers when I'm high. I'm just very relax and can free my mind. You just gotta know that the more sativa your weed is the more it will induce it in a way. But I remember hearing about how medically sativas help with anxiety, not 100% on that.
  6. some people have crazy anxiety and emotions in them you don't even know about

    sometimes you wont even notice what in your life is making you feel that way
  7. Well right now im fine, I dont think its anxiety, not just saying that either. I think its just cause Im a lightweightt haha but now that Ive came down a little bit im very chill and when i think about it it doesnt even bother me right now.
  8. Don't listen to this

    Smoking isn't for everybody. If it makes you freak out and feel like you're dying, then why bother? Sounds like torture
  9. smoke small amounts and get used to being high. then smoke more as you go along. helped me out a lot.

  10. If he smokes more and more amounts his tolerance will go up and he will get used to being high. I was just like him when I was a n00b smoker, freaking out and shit when I was high. Although I did it MORE sober, and when I realized that.. I smoked more and learned to ENJOY it. : )
  11. what weed are you smoking? i have a feeling its fake legal weed? If it is, that stuff gets you super hyped up. even if you are not a lightweight, it can get you high very quickly and some types/brands can give you a more paranoid or deathlike feeling. VERY different experience then weed.
  12. Scared? Let the fear consume you.
  13. You should do some reading on aboriginal shamanism, amazonian shamans.. and their archaic techniques of using visionary plants..

    Seems to me, like you have the knack for transcending the transpersonal and leaving behind the body, when you take a psychoactive..

    Most people nowadays don't realize Cannabis is a HUGE deal, it's a very big deal, regarding where it can take you, so when people like this, approach everyone for what's going on..

    ..You get the typical "low tolerance, anxiety, smoke less." answers...

    ..but that's what these plants are supposed to do, and always have done. They dissolve the boundry between life and death, and allow you to divorce yourself from your previously supposed positions on reality, and show you the actuality of things..

    Ready to be flamed, but OP; check it out. Shamanism.
  14. I do the same thing sometimes man. I have some health problems that when I think about sober I'm just like, Fuck it, shit happens. When I get high if I even get the thought in my head I start feeling freaked out knowing they could possibly be the death of me. The trick I have learned is when it happens try and zone out on something else. The great thing about weed is it is easy to distract yourself and forget about what you were thinking about minutes before.
  15. Sometimes trying to stop thinking about a "thought loop" for lack of better wording will actually make you think of it more.

    Have you ever tried to meditate?With certain exercises you can really work on these issues.Do some research on it and try it out bro.

    Stay up.Don't think people don't care either I do.
  16. when you get high, watch a funny movie. youll forget about your mind. get ripped and watch how high, pineapple express, friday, or something of the such.
  17. what do you smoke? Strains? Smoke reggies. I know a dude who has the same problems. Smoke with people so you can take your mind off whatever bugs you out.
  18. You are probably feeling this way due to contributions from: minor depression (all people experience it), minor OCD tendencies (thinking about thoughts and becoming anxious constantly) and just some anxiety. I had a similar problem involving my breathing and I was unable to cope with it for a while. I realized the root was my living situation + stress from school and once that passed the OCD tendencies passed and I felt much healthier.

    I'd say if it makes you feel bad, don't smoke.. but if you are thinking about death all the time even when you don't smoke I recommend seeing a counselor to talk through the subject. It's much better to confront these mental issues than to let them simmer.
  19. I used to smoke with a guy that had just been dumped by his girlfriend he had been with for 3 years.

    Sober: yeah man i dont care bout her anymore shes a slut anyway i can fuck whoever i want now yeah yeah im cool

    High: mannn i miss her so much, she was the love of my life man!

    Stoned: *cries* omg man i was so stupid why did i let her go FUCKKK *cries more* dont tell this to anyone... oohh damn why did I LET HER GOOOOOO

    and the next day he's like "whats up bruh, wanna get high? :D"

    Marijuana brings your true feelings out more... learn to control your feelings and your high.
  20. Try listening to chill music or watch America's funniest home videos

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