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Scared. Normal?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Toke and Drum, May 26, 2009.

  1. So it was my 5th time smoking and this time I was actually really high. I was getting very scared and paranoid because my heart was beating extremely fast. I almost woke my parents up to tell them. I noticed after about ten minutes (though it felt like 2 hours) My heart rate went down. Will it be like this every time I get high or only the first few times? I did not enjoy it at all until I calmed down.:confused:
  2. dont worry so much, just sit back and enjoy, do not focus on your heartbeat, just chill out you will be fine
  3. Yea,just relax and itll be alot better
  4. Ok, but it is normal right? It happens to everyone?
  5. its called bugging out pretty much, you got high and you didnt know what was happening, now you know and prepare yourself so you dont freak out and ruin it
  6. Alright cool that helps a lot man. Thanks.
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    hhaha yeah dude you either smoked too much or the next few times it wont be as bad.
    i straight up freakkeeddd out the first 2-3 times i smoked. i remember i think it was my 3rd time, we were hotboxing my friends car and smoking a blunt and ive only smoked out a bowl before this, and i was hitting it soo many times, and all of sudden i was like tellin them "hurry up open the door i wanna get outttt" over and over haha and then i would like snap out of it and be like "wtf, close the door your gonna let the smoke out" loll that was the highest ive ever beenn.

    *p.s. try taking a shower!
  8. If it happens again, put on a comedy movie and laugh your ass off or listen to like some pink Floyd or something trippy and you forget all about your heartbeat and other paranoia.
  9. Have a bite to eat and something to drink and you should start calming down, or a ciggarette.

  10. When i first started smoking, things like that would happen to me too. I noticed that when i started thinking about any part of my body too much i became super focused and it started to feel weird and stuff, if that makes sense at all lol.
  11. Yeah, it happens. If you decide to be a stoner it will happen many more times. I have had times where I felt like I couldnt breathe. Every one of my friends who smokes has had it happen. The thing is though is that weed is so much fun and it freaking out is rare enough where it is worth it to keep going, though it definately doesnt feel that way when it is happening. Best thing to do is to be careful, and not smoke too much at a time, that is what mostly causes it.
  12. Your heart started beating fast because THC dilates blood vessels and your heart has to
    work harder to pump blood through them. Just remember that no one has ever died, or
    even been seriously injured, just because of weed. It has some strange physiological
    effects that can freak you out if you don't know why they're happening or think that
    you're the only one who's felt this way from weed. Just relax and remember the part
    about no one dying from weed and you should be okay next time.
  13. Haha. This reminds me of this ex-girlfriend I had. She smoked and started freaking out about her heart beating fast and called an ambulance on herself. Pretty retarded.
  14. If you're ever feeling uncomfortable because you've smoked too much or mixed alcohol with marijuana (some people like this but others get the spins really bad, I know I do), the best thing to do is RELAX and EAT. Lie down and munch on something, it'll help you chill out and also get your metabolism going. If you have a headache or are dizzy, the lying down part really helps, but just sitting back and taking slow, deep breaths should do the trick, too.

    It does get easier over time, I freaked out the first couple times I used weed (did WAYYY too much), but these days I'm fine, and if anything does go wrong I know to just chill. :)

    Remember: weed has never killed anybody. Ever. Mixing other things with weed, on the other hand, HAS- so take that for what it's worth and mix drugs at your own risk.
  15. that happened to me b4 but it stopped cuz i knew not to think about it
  16. Thanks a lot this makes me feel a lot better and now I'm ready to pack another bowl.:smoking:
  17. oooh god... one of my friends is a master at tripping me out. I hate it when I'm high but when I look back at it its hilarious

    keep tokin... you'll become more familiar with your body when high and you'll be fine

    (also, its normal for heartrate to jump a little)

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