Scared myself in mirror

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  1. I got high and was starin' at myself in the mirror for some fucking reason, then I started laughing and I got a bit freaked out by the mirror laughing... fuck that was weird... Have smoked quite a bit .... lol probably wouldn't post this if i wasn't high, but that's ok

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    yo man, no joke that shit is scary, stair at your self in the mirror sober or not. you cant move anything you gotta stay perfectly still and you must look your self dead in the eyes with out looking away, for as long as you can. once you reach the two or 3 minute mark some weird ass stuff starts to happen (brain/eyes playing tricks). no lie when you reach about the 5 minute mark your face will start to change right infront of you as if you were looking at someone else. freakest shit ever, i did it once and it had me scard to look in the mirror for a few days no joke.

    go try it yourself, "i did it once, never again"

    oh yea i forgot to add, it looks like your skin kinda starts to melt away, then next thing you know your face legit starts to turn into somebody elses, lol sounds dumb but go try it your self!
  4. I can't believe I'm typing this but last Summer I had a 1 gram Gravity Bucket of really Dank bud, I went in the bathroom and looked at the mirror and noticed how blue and awesome my eyes are, next thing you know I'm perched up staring at myself with a million thoughts a second. I sat there looking at myself for about 40 minutes laughing at funny thoughts.
  5. I did that once while coming down off some unmentionables. I thought I saw the devil inside of me.
  6. yea dude, my face started changeing then nxt thing i know it was like i was looking at someone i have never seen before prob about 20 years older then me. the face in the mirror was very detailed till i looked away because i did not want to find out what would happen if i kept looking. lol its by far the trippiest thing you can do wile sober. im sure its nothing but a mind trick but its so realistic its unbelievable, lol makes you wonder...
  7. lol I'm trying all that shit. Hell yeah, I dunno it was just funny & creepy. It was mostly funny. I was just starting right back into my own eyes... piercing through into my own brain!!!!
  8. Our brain will distort and give us a different view if we stare at something and nothing changes for 5 minutes or so, I haven't tried the trick but I will next time im REALLY high.:D
  9. I'm also trying it hah

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