Scared me bad.

Discussion in 'General' started by RedSorcerer, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. Southpark scared me bad...
    So I was watching this episode a fellow blade posted in a recent thread.
    You can find the video here:

    There was a monologue near the end of the episode by Stan's dad.
    It went something like this...

    Pot makes you fine with being bored, and it's when you're bored that you should be learning some new skill or discovering some new science, or being creative. You smoke pot, you may grow up to find you're not good at anything.

    Why do I find that I care?
  2. It's true, there's no doubt about that in my eyes, that Marijuana CAN do that...

    Wait, no... it CAN'T! A PERSON DOES THAT!

    Sounds like someone playing the blame game on weed for their own mistakes.

    Cannabis is what you make it... if YOU are gonna be sittin around all day smoking weed accomplishing nothing... whos fault is that? weed? fuck that... its entirely the person's fault.

    Just the same as blaming guns for a person shooting another, or GTA for some kid robbing a store.
  3. actually pot does just that

    it makes you fine with doing the bare minimum thus you'll avoid trying new shit or learning new things

    they aren't lying if you smoke daily you'll no doubt be a lame shit in a month or two lol I know fucks who do just that

    same old same old wanna smoke type logic going on and when I introduce new concepts hobbies or ideas in a speed laced frenzy all they can do is go duh or attack 'n bust my balls for being nerdy or intelligent

    I'd say thats defensive laziness to the max
  4. i'd like to add that laziness from smoking is highly dependant on how you use the herb. if you use it to escape reality, get "fucked up" (same thing i suppose), or to make important shit more entertaining, the experience is much darker and influential than when used for medicine, relaxation, or getting lifted AFTER you get your shit taken care of. there is definitely a positive-negative spectrum of effects. some people can handle getting high and function, while others can't. plain and simple. if it doesn't help you in particular to focus, smoking isn't the best idea before the end of the day when you have nothing else to accomplish. strains, potency, and how high you get effect this too. a strain with a heavy couch-lock effect will obviously make you lazy for a few hours, and possibly a few after you aren't high anymore. (indica body effect always seem to linger for several hours with me.. just not as strong as when i'm actually high) there is a time and place for marijuana in each and every person's life. the key is finding that place, and gaging an appropriate time. hmm.. 100mg of adderall tonight, i think it shows :)
  5. lol see that shit goes for all drugs

    which is exactly why I'm annoyed as fuck at all the dickhead stoners thinking their drug of choice is great when every drug has it's addicts 'n users

    I'm a user of all sorts of shit and as such I and perhaps you shouldn't be classed as scum just cuz we like mixed salts of amphetamine or coke or what have ya

    all drugs can be used properly by intelligent people and the rest can OD or go to hell for all my properly usin' ass cares lol

    the government shouldn't have a right to stop that use period and thats what we all need to realize
  6. im in total agreement Ars. I was just pointing out the fact that these problems come with weed too, because some people don't seem to understand that for whatever reason. when used at an appropriate time for the way you are using a substance (as long as the substance can aid in what you are doing that is; coke and studying don't mix for me), nothing bad is really going to happen. YES, this even goes for meth. i don't do it, but i think that's for all psychoactives including caffeine.
  7. But heres the thing... ever wonder why you think every drug does that?

    It's because it isn't the drug, it's the person.

    A drug doesn't go "Hey man lets just chill and do nothing" that is the person's intention/decision. People don't like to take responsibility for their own actions, so they place blame on whatever they can. In today's society, blaming a drug is perfectly acceptable to most people, because these are the same people (like stated before) that have no problem blaming guns or GTA, or something of the like, for violence.

    Stop believing that a drug can control you, and you will be much better off.
  8. ya are jacked up on adderall, correct? lol same shit bro

    adderall is a mixed salt of amphetamine 2 parts inactive isomers 2 parts active

    methylamphetamine is basically straight to the point as your body chops the methyl group away and sends all that ampie goodness straight to your brain

    if you like addies or ritalian you'll no doubt love coke 'n speed (or require it for daily life)

    but yeah all drugs have uses and no government stooge doctor or pharmacy has a right to tell us we can't take shit cuz it might be bad for our health

    I'll be the judge of my own damn health ya fuckers and seeing as I have adhd and require xyz to stay focused I shouldn't have to pay you douchebags over a g a month to be normal

    I should be able to freely buy what I need for near cost not 300-500 to a quack shrink and another 300 to some cocksucking company who enjoys a major markup for adderall
  9. If you get really stoned because you are bored and then start doing it all the time instead of functioning, of course there will be negative repercussions. When used in a more positive manner, the benefits replace these negatives. I.E. get stoned with friends, not instead of hanging out with them. smoking because you are bored and lonely is the WRONG idea. i've done that since i moved into dorms this year, and i really fucked up my first semester already. i can't miss a single class until january! I misused weed and now im in the shitter because of my actions.

    I know adderall and meth are really similar, but adderall is less intense most of the time as well as cleaner. i tried a bump of ice once.. shitty. if it's quality im sure it's much different, but most things like that are REALLY dirty around here at least.
  10. my thumb hurts :(

    I chew my nails on stimulants and for some reasons my thumbs always hurt like hell, especially if i get high.

    They still hurt from the addy's from a couple days ago. I'm lucky enough to get free addy's whenever. I have 4 friends with scripts and I'm getting one for my ADHD... tomorrow... Dunno what my script will be, but all my friends are 30mg.
  11. 30mg a day? lmfao weak man

    the quack I went to hooked it up with a month supply of addies (90 10mg) and a month of ritalian (90 10mgs also) in week one then stepped it up to 30x 30mg xr time release and 90 20mg IRs

    the following visit the douchebag pusher tossed me a script for ambien and lunesta to combat the sleepless nights he figure I was having

    lol I've since moved on to a proper fuck albeit still a fuck they aren't the same pusher type this asshole was

    he was dead set on getting my ass hooked on uppers 'n downers in under a month

    as for the thumb shit... I smoke cigarettes so instead of a sore thumb I wake up hacking my guts up from the chain smoking (like a mild 'cigs taste great' e roll anytime I pop more than one addie)
  12. I know what you mean, man. Iv been in that situation. When you live somewhere where theres NOTHING to do... Theres 2 places for my age group... hookah or field. Smoke hookah or get drunk, and I honestly am not much a fan of either. So what do people around here do? They all smoke weed to pass the time, and I did just the same for quite awhile, until I realized I (key emphasis on I, not marijuana) was fuckin my life up. Pretty much turned my life around. Exercised (did Mixed Martial Arts for a bit), ate healthy, forced myself to be productive, which is definitely not always easy around here... you run out of things to do fast. Iv felt better, been MUCH happier, and have just been livin pretty good since for the most part...
  13. every time that feeling goes away i just pop another one. i got 4x 10mg XR's for $15 today. then in the study room some kid gave me 2x 15mg IR and a 30mg XR :hello:
  14. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? I'm a daily user and have been for 15 years (2 or 3 times a week for 10 years before that) and haven't had more than a couple of days off in all that time. It helps me be creative, keeps me going when I have to work long days, and seems to help me learn too. I've written 4 books whilst high, two are excellent sellers in their field; I've been involved in supplying graphics for about 30 computer games and two books. I've studied a range of civilisations, learned about the growth of civilisation, astronomy, physics, spent a fair amount of time as a performer, a teacher in further ed', a journalist, blah, blah, blah...Sometimes (usually:) ) stoned, sometimes not. When I need to perk myself up and really get lost in a subject for hours on end, there is nothing like it.

    It actually stops me from being bored, because it gives me enthusiasm and energy to look at new things and explore them. Far from making me veg' out all day, that's a personal choice that some take.


  15. omg yes exactly. it all goes back to responsibility for your own actions and not blaming it on a substance. and i kno EXACTLY wat u mean. weed makes me introspect, forcing me to face the obstacles in my life. after being stoned i feel much more at peace with the world. it depends on the strain, but the ones that give more of a "head high" also make me very inspired and creative (i made my signature while blazed lol). but then again i am responsible with it. i dont get high and not do my responsibilities. i always do it after im finished with all my responsibilities. its much funner that way.
  16. Meanwhile you have rappers smoking weed non stop and rapping about it making millions

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