Scared & Hungry (Literally..)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by MilkyLumpkinz, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. soo I got BAAAKEED LIKE A CAAAKEEE (sung in oprah voice)
    an I went downstairs to clean,last thing I had to do was mop so I figured why not make some was just about the time when the munchies was kickin in so it was perfect,put food to cook on the stove (creamy garlic noodles) an finished mopping while I waited for it to do its thang in the pot..Im just there chillin when suddenly I hear a sound that sounds like someones making a PO! noise with there mouth. I shook my ear like I was hearing things an went back to stirring my food an waiting when I turned around to finish the dishes 2secs later I saw a flicker of light go back me threw the side of my eye & felt a prescene. not to mention there was random dark spots on the area I just mopped like something went threw so I remopped it quickly once again after I hear a whistle & a dog chain I poured my noodles in my bowl.grabbed box of apple juice & got the fruit outa there!!! Now I'm up here an feel much better,safer an less creeped out but at the same time I'm still kinda hungry & saw a box of cake so I really wanna make cupcakes..

    Idk I'm hoping I'm just really high right now so a good portion of it was in my head
    but with all the other weird shit that happens here it wouldn't surprise me that I wasnt going mental the whole time...mmm cupcakes :smoking:

    edit: I realized theres a lot of spelling errors but loool I'm really blowed so sry
  2. Marry me? Stoner chick AND enjoys cleaning AND cooks!

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