Scared How Long Till It Wears Off?

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  1. So yesterday I tried a “sleeping” brownie for the first time. I followed the rules and only had a small piece. I know the people who made it closely. I dont smoke ever, I've tried it twice and never had any effect on me. So I was told this brownie would help me relax and sleep. I didnt want a high, just sleep.
    Well its 12 hours later and I stll don't feel back to normal.
    I ate the piece at like 930pm. I started feeling affects by 1030 and then I recall falling asleep possibly around 11.
    I don't know for sure what happened, but I talk to my fiancée this morning and it seems like around 1 am I started flipping out. I remember bits and pieces and she confirmed a lot of it.
    I had a break from reality and even till this point I can barely tell what is real. I am questioning everything even my own existence. I threw up at one point and I know I was paranoid for a moment.
    Everything seems faster and slowed down at once.
    Just not right.

    How long till I feel normal. I am confused. I don't know what's real and what isn't. I;m disoriented and I'm at work.

    Help! Is anything real? I'm really confused
  2. Yes. All is real and as it was before. You're just freaking out a little. It will be gone soon. In the mean time just, once you're home from work, get comfortable in a familiar place and chill. Maybe just sleep.

    You will be fine. 
  3. Dont do marijuana if you react that way to 1 brownie. Just take over the counter sleep aids.
  4. eat a banana. electrolytes and K+ (potassium) will clear it up a bit. 
  5. I remember getting into an argument with my fiancee...and I texted her and she said yeah we got into an argument when she was trying to calm me down and she has bruises on her.
    I'm freaking out because I'm so confused. We don't fight or argue or anything. Been together 3 years and I would never get upset at her like that.
    It wasnt even whole brownie. Only half. I wanted to be careful..i think. I cant be sure of anything. I'm scared as hell right now.
    I'm worried my girl is never gonna forgive me
    I'm working but going nuts here at work.
    I'm worried none of this is even real because i still feel doubtful about stuff. I cant trust my eyes or anything.
  6. it's all real. just try to relax and understand that it's all real and you're just high. remember that its not harmful and you'll come down soon. you can't really control the speed of your sobriety, but you can control your freakout. it'll all be over soon, you just gotta tough out the high
  7. you need to understand something. it is only real if you perceive it to be real. this world is just one big illusion. sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing are all illusions created by your brain interpreting electrical signals.
  8. Sounds like you got high as fuck, man.
  9. sounds like you might have been inclined to go off the deep end eventually, sometimes weed will onset that faster. I'm not saying your gone, just saying I would probably just stay away from any drugs except melatonin or something. 
  10. Yeah I am staying away from everything. I don't ever want to feel that way again. It was scary and not cool at all. Not something I enjoy. I literally lost my mind and my fiancee said I was talking gibberish for 3 hours straight...till I threw up.
    So how long? its been 14 hours. I'm semi-normal...but I still feel that paranoia and my coordination isnt good. I hate that I remember that night...nothing was clear and real. It still feels that way. I thought highs last 4-5 hours. Its been 14.
  11. I wish I was on ur level right now
  12. Jealous :/
  13. Finish the other half you'll be fine

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  14. Seriously all you people saying its cool and what not and your jealous...tell me. HOW LONG TILL I'm normal???? I can't remember anything I have to ask my gf every two seconds when I text her if something is real. Is this even real. I'm trying to decide if the internet is a real thing or is this just all in my head.
    I asked her if she threw it away...she siad she did. But when did I ask her. I'm not sure.
    I think I have a meeting today with my team and the VP at work. But I cant tell if this is my real life or my fantasy life. Do I have a fiancee and am I who I am. This person with this job? I dunno. I think I'm at work. I think I'm in my office, but I cant tell for sure.
    How do I know this is all real and not fantasy?
    I wish I knew.
  15. Sounds like you're having a temporary lapse into psychosis, or possibly paranoid schizophrenia. My advice to you would be to never use any drugs or mind altering substances ever again. Some people have mental illness lurking just beneath the surface of their psyche, and drugs are a known trigger.
    Not saying your schizophrenic, but it might be wise not to push it. As for right now, drink some coffee and you'll be fine.
  16. When you say 'sleeping' brownie what do you mean?
    Like a marijuana medicated brownie? Or one of those stupid over the counter 'relaxation' brownies that are the edible equivalent to spice?
    There is a big difference in the two and you never really specified which one you are talking about.
  17. Relax dude. At worst you'll be high for another day or two
  18. Im specifying weed brownies. I used it because I wanted to get some sleep.
    I feel alot better now, Just tired and slightly disoriented. But I feel better. It was quite scary and I never want to have that happen again.
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    I guess this is where stoners are made. Once I got wayyyyyy too fucking high but it just made me want to smoke again.
  20. Not wise to use a fairly powerful (in brownie form, and to begginers) psychedelic to simply aid sleep! Ha. Though i'm sure you know that now.

    Glad to hear you're feeling better. 

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