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Scared as hell.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Crazycon, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. So I haven't really ever smoked weed before because to be honest ive been to much of a puss. But the thing is I want to really try it, I've heard stories of having a constant orgasm feeling for an hour when someone smoked but then I read how some people got mad sick, puking everywhere. The problem is I have this problem with throwing up it happened along time ago and I hate it beyond belief, so thats what is really preventing me from smoking, my friends all smoke and they've never been sick... So is it true you can really get mad sick?

    My friend has some white widow and he wants me to smoke it out of this 450 dollar bong with an ice packer or some shit, but Im tripping out of my mind right now. Some help?

    Edit: Im on zoloft too idk if that effects the drug.
  2. Calm down, weed is a medicine. Don't take giant hits and you wont green out (throw up). I am on zoloft aswell and I find that weed helps my axiety. You just need to stay calm. DON'T EVER pass up the chance to smoke white widow out of a $450 bong.
  3. Haha I guess thats true man...
    How should I take a hit
    The only thing ive smoked before is a shitty game which made me nauseous
  4. Well if your smoking out of your friends megabong then just suck that shit up pretty simple. If the ice is there than it wont really make you cough too bad.
  5. Hmm but I dont want to "green out".
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    And that's where you went wrong. Blunts are a bad idea for newcomers, especially candella leaf(Game, Garcia Vega, Dutchmaster, etc.) cigars. Blunts are the easiest way to get the spins and that will sometimes cause you to vomit if you aren't used to smoking weed or tobacco(The main reason why they are harsh).

    Your best bet to have a good time is to smoke out of a nice bong so you should be in for a killer time. First things first, don't let him pressure you to smoke more than you are comfortable with--take it slow. Since you are smoking dank just take a decent sized rip with the bong filled with ice, sit back and see where it takes you. If you're feeling up for another round, it's all you. The last thing you want is someone pressuring you into smoking more and then having a bad experience.

    Hope I helped,
  7. I don't think that this will happen, there is probably a handful of stoners who have been smoking for like 20 years and have never puked, I have never puked directly because of weed although I puked once when i smoked a spliff, for some reason the combination of weed and tobacco just doesnt get along with my body.

  8. I lol'ed.

    Just take it easy, don't feel you have to prove anything to anyone (low tolerance is a boon)!
    If you're starting to feel sick, stop. As with any foreign substance, your body will be alarmed and try to fight it, but after a few times you'll start to enjoy it.

    Make yourself comfortable beforehand. Have plenty of water and be in a place (and/or with friends) you feel safe.

    Enjoy the green!
  9. Alright man, before i made this post i was thinking of just making a lame ass excuse which they wouldnt beleive and be pissed, but I think im gonna try it, so basically anything else I should know? eat before after, just any good info lol.
  10. i know what your going thou,my step bro got too high before an was tripping out,he couldn't handle the environment he was in.but what you need to do is smoke till you high,no1 will be mad that your not smoking as much as them,it's just more weed for them.And if some1 pass it to you and your already high,just pass it to the next's that easy.and weed,if anything,stop you from throwing up,but like i said,if you can't handle your environment you might trip yourself out. :bongin:
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    Tobacco make syou feel disgusting and light headed. Cannabis is medicine and has been so for thousands of years. Just relax, put on some music you like, and just kick back.
    Be EXTREMLY careful with glass of any kind. You will be in for an ass whooping if anything were to happen to your friends bong. Pace yourself, warm up your lungs before smoking. Take 3 deep, long, and relaxed breathes in through your nose, and out through your mouth. Warm up your lungs a little by breathing deep and holding air in the bottom of your lungs for a few seconds. DO NOT hold in smoke for more then 5 seconds Maximum. Just breathe in like normal when you clear it[pull out the slide/bowl and inhale all the smoke in the chamber]. Dont be nervous and if you have any questions ASK THE HOST before you do anything, otherwise you may look dumb and they may not want to smoke with you in the future. Also have a cold drink(preferably water) on hand cuz smoke is hot and may burn a little. The only stupid questions are the ones not asked. Well actually i seen some stupid shit biut,thats past my point. If you get into a car. You end up crashing at 10MPH. And then sit there with an airbag in your face asking"Wheres the brake" well, its a little too late for that.
  12. One more thing make sure you don't cough into the bong. I repeat DO NOT COUGH INTO THE BONG, if this happens with some white widow your friends will most likely be upset that you soaked their weed.
  13. Particularly with me, I don't like smoking on an empty stomach but I don't like smoking full either. I'll usually eat some toast before a wake-n-bake because it tends to calm my stomach.

    Just stay hydrated and don't eat too much and you should be fine. If you go in with a can-don't attitude and are looking for bad symptoms you're likely to create a problem yourself. Turn on some tunes, stay optimistic and just try to relax.

    If this guy is really your friend he should understand and try to help your situation--Everyone started at one time or another and all of us were at least a little scared our first time.
  14. Greening out, or having a 'whitey' just means you smoked too much. Like i said, PACE YOURSELF because you have zero tolerence. Take a hit, wait 10-20 minutes, and see how you feel. If you want to, rinse and repeat.
  15. Well thanks for the help man hopefully I dont trip to much Ive feeling pretty good listening to some bob marley and Lou Reed- Take a walk on the wild side no pun intended lol

  16. The pun was totally intended hahaha j/k.:laughing:
  17. hahaha
  18. dont be afraid, you wont green out from ONE rip lol.
  19. I think the problem is new comers dont really know exactly where to stop. Sometimes if the person with the weed thinks of you as a n00b[lol] that doesnt know anything, they may try to push more hits on you when they know perfectly well that you dont have experience.
    This person with a $450 bong will probably have some sort of A tolerence, and may possibly take more then one hit each person. You can always pass a rotation.
  20. just start easy with a nice joint and work ur way up to a bong. take nice hits dont go mad you will enjoy it much more and no u wont get sick dont be stupid

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