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Scared about being addicted

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by skyplanet, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Don't really care what ya'll think, just thought I post this here though.

    I've only been high 4 times. I haven't smoked in over a month, but I am just waiting for my next time. I'm probably not going to do it until 4 weeks from now. Don't ask why -- that's not the point.

    Smoking weed is the #1 thing I want to do right now, and it feels like I am psychologically addicted. I just want to experience being high again.

    And I know after that I will do it some more. I will never NOT want to experience being high.

    But I don't like this feeling of wanting it all the time, and shit man, what if when I'm a father and I want to get high? What the fuck?
  2. Man this happened to me when I was 14 and tried bud. I was a total fiend, like a complete herb, for a few months before I even knew how to smoke correctly. The solution was to smoke my way out of it till I got comfortable enough with the herb.
  3. but you aren't offering up bj's to buy some and smoke it. (have you?)

    you're looking forward to it because you know it's kickass.
  4. do you also fiend to eat food?
    how about play video games?
    or have sex?'

    its all because when you do things that are pleasurable to you. your body releases endorphins that make you feel o0oo soo good..

    dont worry brother I highly doubt your psychologically addicted after only 4 uses.. and honestly i dont even believe you could be addicted what so ever.

    this is just my opinion considering my ten years of almost daily usage
  5. Lol, you're just craving, not addicted.
    It's just weed, not meth.
  6. I hate when people say weed and addicting in the same sentence. You have absolutely no idea how bad an actual addiction is. Weed is not addicting. You don't feel as though you can't go on without it and there are no withdrawal symptoms. What you're "addicted" to is the fun of being high. If you start smoking more regularly, you'll realize that the novelty wears off and you don't get those cravings as often (if at all).
  7. Ecspecially when you're just beginning, of course you'll want more. I remember that was the essence of my freshmen year of college, just wanting more. Every time I got it, it was a magical epic fuckin deal. Now I could care less- don't worry man, you'll never get addicted.
  8. how old are you skyplanet?
  9. #9 MrChimney, Apr 24, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 21, 2010

    well considering a lot of fathers get high i'd say dont worry too much about it. i feel the same way about weed too, all i think about some days is how badly i want to get high, but with some will power and knowing that i dont want to become a burnt out loser i get through.

    you just have to pace yourself, i typically only toke on the weekends with an occasional "baked friday" every couple of months. (i get super high before work, then i get high again around 9am, then again at 12, then again at 1:30, and then once again before i head home at 4 and then i come home and toke with my girl and my dog hahaha)

    seriously though, with a little bit of self restraint you wont have any issues.
  10. go eat 1 oreo (or other favorite snack) and eat 1... do u want another? hell yea u do! do u eat the whole pack? if u are a glutton with food you will suffer... and get fat... if u are a glutton with herb u will be a burn out... enjoy all things with self control... if u find urself smoking too much u will be able 2 stop with a small amount of will power... its not meth... enjoy... responsibly

  11. How the hell has weed EVER fucked with anyone's head? The worse I've ever felt was groggy and sluggish the day after smoking a lot when I first started. I DEFINITELY disagree with this statement and resent the stupid comment.

    I've never felt weed to be addicting, just habit forming. VERY habit forming... Like when it becomes part of your usual routine (like smoking a few bowls before bed), it's hard to take it out because its something that brings your body pleasure and you look forward to.

    Don't worry, get high! :smoking:
  12. I used to suck FEET for coke. Now that's an addiction. You ever suck some FEET for marijuana?
  13. He's only 8. I'm sure you like em' young

    No really, why do you care?

    And don't worry, you're not addicted. Addicted is where you can't continue normal life because you're body literally NEEDS whatever your addicted to. Right now, you just want to do some, that's not addicted.
  14. I ate a really good ribeye last week i really want another one, does that make me addicted? Ofcourse you want to smoke again YOU LIKE WEED!, Likeing somthing and being addicted to something is 2 differnt things.

    Tell the poor souls that are addicted to opiates your addicted to weed see what they tell you. WEED IS NO MORE ADDICTING THEN EATING COOKIE DOUGH ICECREAM.
  15. [​IMG]
  16. Haha good ol Bob Saget
  17. I would rather call it an obsession than addictiveness.

    Obsession like video games, cell phones, internet, music.
  18. I just have to decide your own comfort level. Like me, I only smoke on friday and saturday. I haven't smoked since 420 because of my job search

    weed will only be addictive if you let it, just like anything else you do
  19. Completely false.

    Please stop spreading shit like this in the nubes section, there is absolutely no harm from THC, or addiction for that matter.

    The cure for the cravings is to smoke more and give it time; the novelty wears off and the cravings go away.
  20. Mental addictions come with anything pleasurble. #1 mental addiction... Masturbation. Are you addicted to jerking off too?

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