Scare of a Lifetime, FUCKK!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by BalkanCommie, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. FML!!!!!!!!

    i have been going out with this one girl from europe for quite a while now, she lives down the street from me in europe.

    so i went to pick up my granmda today from the airport she came from germany and i was telling her about my girlfriend and whatever and i tell her my girls name.

    she goes "you have a cousin named _____" i was like yeah theres lots of people like her. she asks me to show the picture and i showed her off my phone.............and FUCK!!! shes like "thats your cousin".....

    I pull the fuck over quick and :eek: my hear sunk to my fucking asshole

    i call my mom and talked to her about it and come to find out were not related my grandma is just fucking retarted and old

    i got home and smoked 2 grams out of a waterfall to ease the pain of what just happend to me
  2. damn, that would've really sucked... especially if there was any baby making involved
  3. I want to make fun of you for this.

    But it sounds like ur gmother pwned you!
  4. Maybe not a 2nd, 3rd or 4th cousin, but a first cousin you'd know it.
  5. You got trolled by your grandma! ahahahhaha
  6. 'my grandma is fucking retarded'

    rg3vhrirgrewuhrvvruirereagagahahahahahaha so's mine so we put her down

  7. Ya , sometimes you rly gotta just put a old person in place.

    thats hilarious though, i wouldnt kno what to think

  8. i lol'd hhahaha

  9. as terrible as that is I still laughed

    But anyways that would suck haha, at least you guys aren't related lol
  10. Bro if I was you I'd light a blunt get high and stickvtjr blunt up yo Grammys bunghole
  11. That's pretty funny
  12. Yea my grandmas just a fuckin bag of bones...she made me take out the trash when I was 12 so I pushed her down the stairs...worthless pos
  13. Honestly,if I were dating someone and found out they were my cousin,it would be strange no doubt.But I don't think I'd let it ruin the relationship,I mean if you've already been to third base with her then you've done it all already and you may have feelings for eachother.Like I said,yeah at first it'd be weird,but obviously you didn't know you were related in the first place.Not like you grew up together.

    How crazy would that be if she invited you to her family get together and all of a sudden you see YOUR family members at her party hahahaha.
  14. Jesus man, Never flame granny 4 fucking with your easy-access mind:D
    Nonetheless loved the whole story

  15. i would probably die if that happen'd no joke lol
  16. Since you and your Grandma are not related, you may still date your cousin. ;)
  17. Reminds me of my friend, who once told me that he would totally think his cousin was hot if it weren't for the fact that she was his cousin. :/
  18. I wanted to fuck my step cousin
  19. what's wrong with a little cousin lovin
  20. wow thats absolutely crazy. and i lold at the "my heart sunk down to my asshole"

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