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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by First Straw, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. There are no headshops around in close distance to me so I was wondering what kind of stores would sell sufficient scales?

  2. bAKERY store. ir online. try an ane digi scale. pretty saweett
  3. Office Depot has some
  4. Online. Amazon has really cheap ones.
    Also, I found it was a hassle to find one in stores that measured in a hundredth of a gram.
  5. ahh alright thanks

    really great community 3 posts in a matter of mins

    thanks guys
  6. i went to bed bath and beyond thinking they would have a good scale
    they have scales but theyre not sensative neough

    im an idiot
  7. Be careful carrying a scale with you, automatic Seller status if you are caught up by the police!

  8. nice nice. i actaully didnt know that. awesome topic guys i am buyiong a scale tommorw. about how much is a decent/pretty good one?
  9. smoker stores. cigarettes and cigars
  10. ebay. wont find a nicer one for $20, and most include the calibration weight.
  11. I scored a great one from ebay for 20 shipped ....

    its perfect , accurate, pocket size ....all weights, uses aaa batts

    you just have to shop ,and eliminate the ones that are too small, and look like junk, or are being sold from china
  12. Also bro, if you're looking for ultimate cheap-but-effective, you can pick up one of these at a post office for about $5. They're pretty accurate up to about 3.5 oz's.

  13. most record stores sell scales and some skate shops have pipes and scales or get it on ebay or something

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