Discussion in 'General' started by First Straw, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. There are no headshops around in close distance to me so I was wondering what kind of stores would sell sufficient scales?

  2. Go to myrtle beach they have pipe and bongs and weed shit there in every other store. I got a pipe and a scale there for 45 bucks
  3. Some tobbaco shops have em.

    One tobbaco shop has more 'drug parephenila' then my local head shop does. Cuz my local head shop strives more on dope deals then the product they advertise lol.

    Ive heard places like office max and office depot and ect have em for weighing mail and shit but i dont know how great those are compared to the ones i got.
  4. Office Depot sholud have them

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