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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by morrissey, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. Scales are they worth the money?
  2. scales are deffinatly worth the money if u are weighing out good bud which can look like more than it weighs. you dont need an expensive scale to weigh bud because many of the cheaper scales work just fine. i have a 70$ scale that i really shouldnt have purchased because there are much cheaper scales that do the same job. its up to u on what price u want to pay and how large of a scale u want but they are worth purchasing!
  3. That's up to you, if you care about your money being spent and not knowing if you're getting ripped off or not.
  4. I got one for $10 off a cheap chinese site, and it does the trick, no problems. it's good so you know you aren't getting ripped off, and how much bud you have exactly left.
  5. yess very worth the money. Buy one off ebay, i got one for $3. It works perfectly for small amounts.
  6. Why not get a scale, they can be used for more than just weighing weed, like figuring out postage, cooking in the kitchen, all kinds of crap...

    But for weed, definitely worth it, just to know.
  7. Yes, SCALES are worth the moneybut depends on what you get. I found a rechargable scale weights up to 250 grams, comes with trays, case, only for 70 bucks life time warrenty. Cant beat that. If u wanan know more PM ME.

    I have a scale now, so i dont get ripped off i liek everything to b even in wight. The only down fall of my scale now is the BATTERY life. i had to change them 2 times.

    Depends on also if u want a digi, lil postal scale, etc. All up to your style and how much wanna pay.
  8. hell yeah they are, people down here are skimpy. there are people that weigh em out at 4g and say there 6's what a bastard hope he chokes for takin all those peoples money...
  9. Just don't be caught with one in your car or on your person... a really piece of shit cop will try and nail you with intent to distribute, and

  10. lol.......................
  11. what about a tripple beam?
  12. nothing beats a nice digital scale
  13. the way I see it, a scale is a must.

    Youll break even real quick after buying one, especially since you know your not getting shorted.

    so the way I see it, pay 20$ for a scale and you wont be loosing the .5 grams every 1/8 you buy. after you buy 100 8th, thats 50 grams you just saved yourself from buying a scale and not getting shorted.

    Of coarse a scale is worth it, especially if your involved in activities that cannot be mentioned on the site.
  14. triple beam sounds to me like a kitchen quality scale used for weighting meat or something that will probably only measure pounds and ounces. Get a nice digi off ebay (cheap no doubt) that can weight grams ounces and pounds
  15. atleast just get a $5 little postal scale, cheap & most of them of them still work perfectly fine

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