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Scales and their Legality

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ganjahunter, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. So i live in Canada and iv been wondering if there was any charge for carrying around a scale. I don't think there is any legal use for having a scale with you and a couple years ago someone at a head shop told us to watch out when we bought a scale. so does anyone know?
  2. if u have anything over an eigth on u youll probably get booked for intention to distribute if u have a scale. Cops dont care if u say "i use it so i dont get ripped off" they will still charge u even if youve never sold a dime bag in your life.
  3. I mean just for having a scale, no weed
  4. Greetings,

    the possession of a scale, if prosecutors can illustrate it as paraphernalia (i.e. drug residue, proximity, etc.) can allow them to lay charges of trafficking... even if you aren't.

    It's a silly precedent, I agree. Although it can turn a summary offense (misdemeanor) into a indictable offense (felony) .

    My best recommendation is to keep your scale in your kitchen. Keep it immaculately clean and free of residue. Do not use colourful baggies. Keep both far from you stash.

    This will remove almost all basis for calling a scale paraphernalia. Many people use scales in their kitchen to measure weights.... right? ;)
  5. make sure u scale is spotless, if theres bits of bud, or kief on it they could get u for paraph
  6. I don't know about Canada, but here in the States, it's legal to have a scale. If you get busted with pot and a scale, you will probably get charged with "distribution" which I think is a Felony and not just a possession charge (misdemeanor). So you can have a scale and not get in any trouble, you can have a little pot (in one bag) and get in a little trouble, but if you have both, then you will probably get in big trouble...
  7. Officer: why do you have this scale?
    Me: so i make sure i don't get ripped off when i buy.

    that's what i did in order to get out of a drug trafficking and distribution. it coulda just been the cool cop, but he wasn't cool enough to not give me other tickets haha.
  8. When i was younger and used to sell alittle bit of beaster i would ride around with all my shit in my car. Scale, bags, and the product. i got pulled twice with all of it on me and i could of been fucked seriously hardcore, i would of been Big Mike's bitch in the jail if they found it. but now i will leave it at my place and wiegh the shit out when i get home. it not worth it to do anything in the car, this is coming from a person who used to smoke everyday in his car, its just stupid. I know its off topic but just giving some advice
  9. have a good excuse ready if you do get caught along the lines of youve been fucked over too many times with weights

    i bought a scale while a police officer was in the local head shop a few weeks ago, no problems of course. he looked at me but didnt say anything, its not really any of his business lol :smoke:
  10. I've used the "I have it so I don't get ripped off" excuse on more than one occasion. I still have my scale.
  11. What you want to do is keep it separate from all your paraphernalia and the important thing is: Keep some stamps or any mail thing with it so you can say you use it as a postal scale.
  12. Strangely enough, I use one of the old turn-of-the-century postal scales. The one with manual weights.
  13. #13 fvaambush, Aug 15, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 15, 2008
    If your going to carry a scale on you make sure there is no residue or shake on the scale itself... thats one way they can book you. If you have weed on you AND a scale... the boundaries get kind of fuzzy. I'm pretty sure its automatic distribution if you have over an ounce with the scale though.

    Edit: Oh this is US law my bad.
  14. I just went and bought a chemistry book and kept my scale in the same bag.

    Even if there is residue, you can say its from class.
  15. Not that many chemistry students do research on cannabis. It's not as if they'll just take your word for it, anyways, especially if they're trying to get your for an indictable offense.

    It's just easier to clean it. Besides, I can't stand rotting plant residue, I feel like I'm in a compost bin.
  16. my excuse? im a jeweler.
  17. ^^ My mom makes and sells jewelry from our house and she sometimes uses my car because its good on gas. So I just clean my scale and put it in the car, and I even grabbed one of my moms cards that she made to prove it.

    Then if I really need to I'll call my mom and have her tell the cop that its hers. She might get mad that I was driving around with it but she's found it before, gave it back and even said "oh and you need to let me use that sometimes when I'm making jewelry".

    And I know she would lie to get me out of trouble. :smoke:
  18. The other day I was stopped and I had a bong and a scale in my backpack, and I didn't have any weed on me, the police officers obviously questioned + searched me, but because I didn't have any weed on me, they didn't do anything. My friend who was with me at the time had some weed crotched, but they didn't search him. And yep, I live in the great white north :)

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