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  1. I need one; I sold my previous one (the Equinox Digital Pocket Scale) last year, and there were actually quite a few bags ever since (due to lack of solid dealer during certain times) that I questioned, wishing I hadn't sold it.

    The Equinox wasn't as spacious as I had hoped (downfall of buying online) and I was hoping some people on these forums could help me make my decision; what do you guys use?
  2. most scales in head shops are about 20-30 dolllars max for a pretty good one.
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    I've never seen a legitimate scale in-store for under $100.
  4. I got my scale from a cheesy chinese company for 10.00
    accurate enough for my needs.
  5. Look into Blade Scales they are made my American Weigh Scales, I got mine off their main website for $32 dollars shipped. They got all sorts of colors, and it comes with two different trays that protect the scale, and also can be used to weigh things. Best scale I have ever used IMO, so check it out.
  6. I got a scale for $8 on amazon, it works fine for my needs. Never a problem.
  7. All the scales I find in the head shops are 40$ for a single didgit and seem to lose calibration and start turning to garbage after 2-3 months of dealing use
  8. I have in INFYNITY G-Force scale that bought at a local shop for $10, and its actually awesome, very stylish to haha. Great buy and iv never had a problem with it.
  9. SAME HAHA!! off ebay?

    its a scale for jewelry i believe
    i liek it
  10. I've never seen a scale in-store for over $40.
  11. To each his own, but I wouldnt buy a cheap scale anyway. It will just go out of calibration sooner-than-later, and you'll just be replacing it eventually. I'd shell out a good amount of money for one ($75+) and not have to worry about it being off.

    An electronic device that requires high calibration isnt something I would ever expect to get anywhere for cheap, especially on the internet.
  12. Triton scales, 120g scale is $50.. 330 gram scale is $60.. and a 550 gram scale is $70! :smoking:
    Triton makes wicked fucking scales, I recommend them highly.
  13. You must be talking about single didgit, I see double's going for upto 150 in all the city's around me
  14. Check out the Officially Licensed 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G. and Eazy-E digital scales at Infyniti Scales.
  15. Google Old Wilknott scales

    $20 for a 150g/.05 scale 5 years ago, still works 100% accurate. Came with calib. weight and 10 yr ? warranty

    100% accurate though, not bad for $4/yr

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