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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SassyLily, Mar 3, 2003.

  1. Hi'Ya Everybody!

    I'm lookin for an online site that sells scales. Any suggestions on that? (I hope asking that does not get me kicked off the board)

    have a great day... High in the clouds of Washington state!

  2. Hmm... well you can find electronic scales at places that sell school suply's... for like chemistry classes n such... u might try lookin there. U just probably won't get the teacher discount or whatever.

  3. They are shutting sites down left and right for selling Scales and Pipes.. Here you are asking where to by a scale. Don't you think that kind of stuff might get this site shut off from us?
  4. You're right, Bud Head....

    However, Staples and stores like that sell "postal" scales and I know that not everyone needs to weigh their mail yet they still sell them and they are alive and in business. They've busted people for selling what they consider to be drug paraphernalia yet the school and office supply stores are still in business selling items to "evil" drug dealers and those that need to double check their "evil" drug dealers. Where's the fairness???

    (When I say "evil", I am not beng serious.)
  5. just go to your local smoke shop. Me personally ive never bought anything from a online store , id much rather hop in the car and just drive out to a smoke shop and get what i need right then and there instead of having to wait for it to come in the mail. I dunno bout where you live but out here if you call information and ask for stores that sell pipes and smoking accessories they will tell you one in your area. try that.

    If you still wanna by online for some reason just do a search on theres thousands of sites its not that hard to find one.
  6. ^^^but many of the u.s. ones may be offline and monitored by DEA
  7. And your forgetting not everyone is in California. Some people cant get to a head shop unless they drive out of their city.

    Hell my city only has 2 head shops, and 1 only sells a few bongs behind the counter, really expensive glass ones, the other is a all head shop, and enjoys good business since its the only one in the area.
  8. there's only one in my area...they only sell acrylic bongs and metal pipes...not a very good selection :p

    but they've got about 70 different kinds of rolling papers
  9. i don't even know if there is one in my area, doesn't really bother me though, i know glass blowers who i would rather support anyway.
  10. damn budstuffer i would hope the DEA is focusing more on the big surge of meth labs in northern california then shops that are paying taxes and making a honset living. One thing i think thats fucked up is i see more and more people in my area getting addicted to crank and watching it destroy their lives literally but when i turn on the tv all i see is anti marijuana ads i dont see ANY talking about crystal meth. Now thats some serious neglect
  11. just enough to sicken you isn't it. it just goes to show that it isn't the actual drug they are worried about, it is being proven wrong and loss of funding.
  12. its bullshit, shutting down sites for selling scales.
  13. do the scales in staples and such measure grams?
  14. actually just to clear things up , no sites are being shut down for selling scales. They are being shut down for pipes bongs and other drug paraphenila , a scale is not considered paraphenila because most scales that stoners use to weigh weed are actually used for weighing out vitamins and health things. If your looking for scales online there are plenty of sites that sell just scales , hell you can just go to a manufactures site. Heres one site alot of people at the gym i go to use.........
  15. scales are expensive. 56$ for a pocket scale. i rather buy weed than a scale. and i would only get a digital
  16. Sassy,
    I'm sure you've gotten an idea of where to get a scale but I just wanted to bring up one thing in case you weren't aware of it. In the unfortunate event that you were to get caught, having a scale can potentially be used as evidence that you are in possesion with intent ot sell or distribute instead of just having it for personal use. It depends on the laws in your state and also the quantity that you possess and how it's bagged etc... but it's something you might want to consider... sounds a little paranoid but the way things are going these days, you can't really be too careful.
    Additionally, you really might want to think twice about buying off the web. The current administration has a habit of covertly expanding its authorities and means of surveilance, you never know what they can keep track of. Cash at a store you trust, or better yet somewhre annonymous, is always the best.
    This all being said, having a scale is really convenient and a good way to check up on your dealers. Even more fun is to check exactly how much your most perfect j weighs.
  17. very true , if you get caught with a scale say in your car or something you best belive they are searching through your whole car and if they find any trace of weed they can charge you with intent to sell which in most states is a felony and is prison time.
  18. I know with the recent events it might not be a greaet idea to buy a scale online.....but i happened to oreder one right before ashcroft went after all the sites and what not......i got mine from a place called very satisfied....also ebay is an excellent place to go....head shops are way to pricy...ouutrageous i think.....anyways be careful and make sure you know what your getting into before you commit to buying one

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