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Scale Reccomendations

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mango720, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. Which one of these scales would you recommend? I don't sell, only buy. And the most I would buy at a time is probably $100 worth, more or less.
    :eek: <------ hehehehehe, funny face.

    Scales - Dutch -
  2. depends on what you using it for and how accurate. do you want to use it solely at home or use it for pick ups or dealing. I would recommend getting on that weighs to the .001 but you really only need to .1 so if you want a cheap one just get the 555 scale but you can get them cheaper than here like amazon or what not
  3. I just got a AWS Blade. I don't sell either, only buy, and was getting it to make sure my quarters I got were effectively weighing 7 grams. The scale alredy helped me determine that I was getting skimped ~.8 grams.

    The AWS Blade reads to the hundredth, and its only 20$. Good buy :wave:
  4. I'm thinkin' about the cigarette box scale. What do you think?
  5. Proscale Player 100
  6. I would definitely advise you to purchase a scale atleast 40 bucks. Just don't mess around with the $20 ones cus I've had two and they have both broken within months.

    Finally broke down and got a $50 fairly nice scale. Definitely worth it though.
  7. Have you ever used one?
  8. yeah man, that's what i was thinkin' too
  9. Yes it's a good scale.

    If your gonna blow money on a scale go big and get some triple beams lol.
  10. haha, I would, but I want one that could fit in my pocket. :p

  11. get a letter scale
    they only cost like 2 dollars and if you know the exact weight of something you can figure out how much its off

    most headshops around here sell them
  12. THis makes no sense. IF you knew the exasct weight you would not need a scale. And why by a scale u know is off.
  13. thats what i was thinking too...

  14. well you wouldnt weigh the weed first i meant like google the weight of a nickel or something and weigh it
    and you would buy it because you wanted a cheap scale that fits in your pocket

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