Scale or Grinder?

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by WEEirDo, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. Okay, which should I get? I like how the grinder gets me kief and grinds my weed, but I also like how a digital scale tells me if I got a deal or what and helps me divide up weed when I buy it, b/c 95% of the time I buy a half-1oz with 2 other people. Both will cost me like $30.

    The grinder has more uses, but the scale has a more important use. Its like the score is tied ): I need a tie breaker! HELP! :confused:
  2. I'd go for the scale if you're divvying weed up a lot.

    Grinders are nice but you can just grab some scissors and a shotglass, or just a knife (that's how I do it).
  3. Ordinarily, I'd say get the grinder, but if you're splitting sacks with others you really need a
    scale more.
  4. Go with the scale if your constantly weighing it out to split it up. Grinders can be replaced by scissors.
  5. Id normally use my cousins grinder and sadly (expect for my cousin) grind it all up and use a card and some vision to split it up as even as I can using cups and such.
  6. There are many good scales on ebay for around 10-20 bucks that work. I got mine from there. Then get a grinder second or save the money and just use your hands
  7. EVERYONE that smokes should own a scale. Don't cheap out though... you get what you pay for. Grinders are also good to have, but it sounds like a scale would be a great investment for you.
  8. In your case a scale would benefit you much more.
  9. go for the scale for now. grinders r great, but everyone should have a scale. you should definetly save up and buy a grinder later on
  10. What do you mean? Ive seen plenty of $20 digital scales that are very precise. Am I missing something?

  11. Build quality. Just because it's accurate now doesn't mean it will be in a few months after it's been bumped, dropped, spilled on, or whatever. It's just like a bong with thin glass will probably hit just as well as a thicker one, but it might not last as long!
  12. if your only looking to spend 30 bucks go with scale becuz a dcent grinder will cost you $65-$110 most likely
  13. Hope you're not speaking from experience, cause you either got jipped or spent way more than you should have on a grinder. I just picked up a chromium crusher from ebay for just under $17 shipped.
  14. I wouldnt spend $35 on any grinder unless its a spacecase. Chromium Crushers and Sharpstones are like $20-30 at any tobacco/headshops around here and they poop out kief like crazy. lol.

    Ill just get a scale. The grinder will be my next part :cool:

  15. I've had my $20 digi for about 3 years now and it still works as good as when I first got it . :)

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