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scale help! which one?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tokemasterjax, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. is it worth the extra money to get a scale that weighs 0.01 or is it fine to have one that only goes to 0.1? also how good are the scales that are under 30 dollars?
  2. Go with a Blade, and make sure it's double digit (it will have two digits past the decimal point, like you are looking for). Also it's probably the most durable scale I have come by (that doesn't mean you shouldn't baby it, and keep it clean).

    The double digit should cost the same as the single digit, so don't worry about spending extra. Depending on the shops in your area, it shouldn't be more than $45

    Mine is about a year old, and is still as accurate as it was when I got it.
  3. I have one that is just to 0.1. I think thats all you would need unless you want to be real accurate. I think the one I purchased was 34.99 or 39.99 and it works great you sometimes have to scale it a couple times and see what the mean weight is. I've seen homeboys scales that were only $20-$25 and they worked fine.

  4. BLADE ALL THE WAY!!!! or Diablo Fuzion, thats what i have (exact same thing as the blade) and it is wonderful. Was a distributer thats why i got them, and they have lasted me for 2 years through thick and thin. Still have the original tray on the bad boy even though it is cracked to shit and kief encrusted, still works as well the day i got it :smoke:
  5. Take a look at .01 grams of bud and ask yourself if that much herb matters to you. If it doesn't, you don't need a scale that accurate.

    Most desktop postal scales are in this accuracy and price range, and work just fine.
  6. check out digital scales on amazon. Got a nice scale that weighs to the 0.1. It was around $15 with shipping and looks like a calculator when closed. I have had it for about a year and still working like a charm.

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