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scale calibration.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by thewalrusiam, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. so i ordered a new scale and it came today but it says i have to put something on it that weighs 500 grams. i dont have anything that i know is 500 grams and i cant weigh out 500 grams of something until i calibrate the scale. what should i do?
  2. Nickels weigh 5 grams, Pennies weight 1.5. A new bic lighter weights an ounce. 500 grams is a little bit over a lb.

    HOWEVER, a new soda can weighs 272 grams
  3. Go to the bank and get 100 nickels.
  4. Find something that weighs a lb, throw on 9 nickels, and a dollar bill

    That equals exactly, 500 grams

  5. 100 nickles wouldnt work, nor would 333.33 pennies. Tbh your just gonna have to not calibrate it and tare it, if it allows it.

    Its best to get scales with 100g weights..

    If you can find a common household item that is exactly 1g or 5g you can get 500 of them or 100 or whatever it takes to get to 500g and then use that. Nickles vary from 5-5.05, and most pennies arent 1.5 at all. Pennies are like 2-3 depending on what year they were made. Pre 198something theyre heavy copper, after that date theyre zinc. Not every penny is 1.5g, in fact i dont think any penny is that light. confirmed, i just weighed one and it was 2.5.

  6. Every other site says differently about using currency.

  7. I just weighed 10 different nickels for the sake of this thread, and whattayaknow? Most of em are 5.02, 5.03. Getting 100 of those would have too much marginal error to say it's 500 grams. It'd be like 503 grams, which shouldnt pass as 500. If it does then thats a fucked up scale, and it's pretty much losing a whole eigth on the measurement.
  8. Where did i say to throw 100 nickels in?


    Clean your nickels fool

  9. Your wrong, nickels weigh 4.9-5.1 matters their usage/how long they have been in circulation, you COULD use nickels, but prepare for a off scale, but if your buying eighths just throw 3 dollar bills on there and see if it weighs 3.0 then you will be A-OK :smoking:
  10. when i had my scale, i bought one of those ounce weighing scales for meat / hamburger patties, took a glass and put it on there (was 300 gram glass) then just added 200 grams of water and volia.
  11. The only way to properly calibrate a scale is to use a new calibration mass. You need to go and buy one.

    No combination of household items, currency, old masses, or anything else will provide an accurate mass to calibrate with.

  12. You didnt really get the point of what I was trying to say. You can't really say im 100% "wrong" I simply was trying to imply that nickels arent exactly 5 grams. Which is pretty much right. 5-5.05 is an acceptable weighing of nickels. People that are ignorant enough to say that nickels are exactly 5 grams, are wrong.

    For the idiot that says clean your nickels, well not everyone has 100 clean nickels laying around. FYI.

    And your pretty much saying exactly what I was saying about having an off measurement. So, why did you say I was wrong? You simply restated my whole little rant. I guess that makes two of us.
  13. Word. Go to the local headshop and tell them you need a calibration weight. It's cheap and a wise investment for the accuracy. Or, some will even calibrate it for free without having to buy the weight if your nice.

  14. When you put the dollar bills on, you will know exactly how much the scale is off, and keep that in mind when weighing shit out. my scale weighs nickels 4.9-5.0 and dollar bills 1 gram each, ive put 15 bills on there, and 15.0 grams..but i think my bro used a calibration weight on it

  15. Thats wierd cause I weighed 10 nickles and most of them were 5.0-5.05 I didnt get anything under 5.0. But hey i guess dents might decrease the weight.

    I just weighed multiple 10s, 5s, 1s, 20s, 50s, and 100s. All bills turned out to be within the following range: .97g-1.02g I didn't notice a large difference between each value bill, I think all bills have a universal weight, but they ring up as different weights due to outside factors.
  16. Change gets nicked, gets rubbed against things, gets washed, all sorts of things, and over time, it loses (or picks up) some of the little particles on it. It's not going to be exactly 5 grams.

    Honestly, anyone who thinks that every single one of the millions of hunks of metal, all minted by different machines using slightly different materials, that have been in circulation for who knows how long is going to be exactly five grams is a fucking moron. It just defies logic.

    I've regularly used scales with .001 precision, calibrated with new masses that meet standards, and even GOOD, expensive masses that are only a few weeks old are not exact.

  17. Why would he need a scale that is accurate to the nearest hundredth? If he's dealing with weed it only needs to be accurate to the nearest tenth, so it dosen't matter if the nickels are off by a bit.
  18. well, mr good smoke, we can only know what something weighs based on what our scales tell us. It doesnt matter how accurate the .01 or .001 scale is, whatever it says must be accepted, even if its way off. We stupid humans have no other way of verification that these scales, and im talking about us, i doubt any of us have access to .00000000001 scales, you know? so hell, the nickel gains and loses molecules, and isnt exactly 5.000000 grams. anyone to think that every nickel is 5.0000000 grams is thinking stupidly on the matter. Then again, if our scales say 4.99 and 5.00436 and 5.001 well, we just have to accept it, dont we? Tough shit. Even if ALL NICKLES weigh exactly 5.0000000000000000000 grams and theres no such things as particles attaching, if our scale says 5.03 then our scale is right. Even if its off a bit. Why? Because i trust a fucking scale over a typical dealer's brain. If the scale says 3.519 for an 8th, but it's really 3.500, well tough shit. The dealer will take off .019 to make the scale SAY it's 3.5. No one cares otherwise. As long as the scale says it, its ok. that same 3.500 might weigh 3.300 on another scale. but that's too bad, because the only scale your going to be using is the one you got, so learn to get used to it.

  19. And it would matter, because 100 "off" nickles results in a total of like give or take 3 to 4 grams of error. I'm pretty sure you wanna be accurate by 3 to 4 grams.

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