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SCAAT ... Stoner Chick Appreciation Anonymous Thread

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mooglekexin, Jun 26, 2003.



  1. for guys... yeah, i love 'em all

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  2. for guys... shhshshshhs dont tell the gf

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  3. for guys... he moogekexin, get away from my women !!!

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  4. for chicks... "..."

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  5. for chicks... i feel so loved !!!

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  6. for chicks... ew a mooglekexin... i wanted a bud head at least

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  7. lol SCAAT

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  1. hi,

    my name is kevin and i love the stoner chicks here... anyone else care to admit ???

    they are soo cool, why cant everywhere be populated with folks like you ?

    ah well, vent frustration at the world not being like the city here :) :D ;P :)
  2. I feel so loved :D
  3. yes i'd have to say the chicks here are pretty cool!
  4. hehe someone voted for "ew a mooglekexin... i wanted a bud head at least"... i feel sooooo loved :) i dont give a shit but they could admit it, i aint gonna start a kill all (insert name) campaign... as far as i am aware i am not lord of the city
  5. hahaha actually that was me! i honestly didn't mean too. i tried to delete the post and vote again but it wouldn't let me!

    i meant to pick i feel so luved!

    thankya very much!!!!
  6. :) hehe yeah i have misclicked when stoned or not stoned too, tiss peeving :)

    no men replied yet, or are they all over drooling at the picture post thread ;)
  7. im a SCAAT man, beee bo ba boo boo ba, beee bo ba boo boo ba,

    :D :) :D
  8. This is such a cool thread. WHY has no one started this before.

    i luv all stoner chicks... but i only love one. ;)

    i cant remember which i picked now... it was either 1st or 3rd i think.
  9. such a sweetheart!!! right back atcha critter!
  10. dude, i don't know any stoner chicks outside of the city. :'(

    all the girls i know just like to get drunk, and find weed boring.

    the fools.
  11. now that sucks!!!!! if i were around i'd keep ya company!
  12. oh you guys! *blushes* thanks!

    a lot of my friends don't even smoke enough to get a little buzzed, they prefer drinking...i don't get it, it's pretty frustrating...i only have one friend i can get really fucked up with, and she lives in canada! :( this stoner girl has her heart set on one stoner guy :) you know who you are (it's digit for everyone else!)
  13. Stoner chicks are awsome!!!!!! We need more stoner chicks just like the ones here! only closer to me so i can smoke'em out!!!!!
  14. no offence to any of the girls here, but i dont find women smoking very attractive. i dont so much mind reefer, but even then I PERSONALLy think it should be kept to a minimum.

    and then theres a the fact that many, (not all) girls get kinda freaky on pot. it should mellow you out, no get you all jumpy and sketchy.

    But if the chick already smokes before I meet them then I dont care. I just try to keep them from starting.
  15. yeah im down with most stoner chicks..they all love me :p
    ..oh i do agree with adam though that some chicks i know get a little freaky, not all of em but some
  16. im a stoner chik:) i feels ssssssoooooooo luved! thank u all:) lol
  17. I definitely love all the chicks here. I don't know many stoner chicks, but the few I do know are awesome and it never seems to make them freaky. Anyways...I love you chicks!
  18. sure.....they're swell...... :)

  19. Do we have your permission to at least eat pot brownies? Just checking.
  20. Luv em all! Why can't more Chicks be cool to tokin? Most of my friends wives are totally hung up on burning it...their men gotta sneak...its hard enough scoring weed & finding the time & place to toke when you've got responsibilities, a family & all, let alone to be hassled by your woman...Ladies keep up the coolness, keep tokin & your men will love you for it!

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