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:::SC pickup:::Blueberry Hybrid, No Name, and Beasters:::

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by AL caPOne, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. Hey all, here are my pickups from the past week or so.

    Blueberry Hybrid

    No name- very fruity smoke and smell.... best smoke of the three

    Beasters |

    The time on my iphone scale :smoking:
  2. Scrumdiddlyumtious.
  3. thanks lion!


    where is the love?
  4. Another great thread Capone, awesome bud.
  5. iPhone scale? That'd be sick if they made an app that could weigh stuff.
    Nice looking bud, Wish I could find someone down south with strain like that.
  6. i've heard that they did/are going to make an app for the iphone. but could only weigh up to like 5 grams or something.

    got some purp earlier today i'll be postin up pics later on this thread
  7. damn that is some nice bud
    where in sc are you located man
  8. oh snap! i'm in sc too man! you come across any of that maui waui thats been around?
  9. i'm in greenville (upstate)

    willum- nah i haven't but i wish i did hahah
  10. Damn, they have some Maui around here? How much is it going for?
  11. What kinda bowl is that yo'?!
  12. i get those beasters in regularly down in columbia
  13. :Dthat no name looks so fucking good
  14. I don't see any beasters...
  15. nice pick-up, that no name fruity is looking like my shit. :bongin:
  16. agreed, that beast is triched out.
  17. You know blueberry hybrid is legal. You can buy it of the internet.:)

  18. expect those "legal" buds you are talking about is not marijuana dude. They just stole the strains name.

    Dank tree man, love Blueberry man!

  19. thank you sir!

    i love that blueberry too

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