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*~* SC Dank Pickup Macros*~*

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by AL caPOne, May 25, 2009.

  1. Some sort of blueberry hybrid. Smells and tastes fruity.

    Got 1.8 for $30

    Alright, this guy said this bud was Pot of Gold, oh well bullshit name but still some dank fruity bud

    Dank Sandwich.... Grilled Chicken, bacon bits, ranch, hotsauce on toasted bread


    Tell me what you think
  2. dank looks good if not a tad pricey, but def worth it....sick drawing too is that on a binder?haha
  3. yeah its on a binder.
    its $60 an eighth here so its pretty standard.
  4. that sandwich looked dank as fuck. a chicken, bacon, and ranch sandwich is my favorite kind, never seen anyone else who also makes those haha.

    Nice bud as well, very frosty. Im having a hard time finding and headies for a good price here in Georgia..send some of that down my way!
  5. A picture i am very proud of hahah took it yesterday!

  6. pot of gold is actually a strain haha. that might not be it, but its a real name.

    everything looks dank

  7. yeah i know its a real strain, just said that the bud pictured probably isn't that strain :)
  8. Nice bud. And bee photo too!

  9. thanks man!
  10. As always you are repping that dank SC bud man. I just recently got off my t-break, after I finished the job drug screen, and I had some decent bud from Clemson area stashed away for that moment, but now I am dry and in Charleston. All my contacts are in the upstate area lol and now that I am back home I have to do a little searching through some friends to find some. Shouldnt be too hard though. Plus rep for the dank bud man. :smoking:
  11. i heard there is some nice sour D down in charleston right now.... as well as in Columbia
  12. Damn Capone. The bud looks amazing, the sandwhich looks delicious, and awesome picture!!! + ReP
  13. gracias manny!

    hopefully my custom bowl from trikky will come in tomorrow and i'll post up some pics! i'm excited but still waiting
  14. where about in sc?
  15. greeeeeenville
  16. LOL man, you are right as I just hung out with my friend at his apartment and bam!! there was some sour D. I am still trying to get a connection through, but when I do I will have to post some pics.
  17. put some sharp cheddar on that sandwich and i'd eat the fuck out of it. sweet buds, too
  18. #19 badf3st, May 26, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: May 26, 2009
    Last bud shot looks just like some bud my dealer had for like 1 day before he got busted he called it silver widow.I got about 1.8 grams of the widow for only 20$ here in massachusetts.It sucks he got busted he always had either good beasters for 30 and 8th or dank stuff for 60 an 8th or at least 1.6 a dub for 20.
  19. nice pickups! SC is the shit! keep burnin

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