SBM's Consistant if not Persistant Perpetual Cab

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    **EDIT** I HAVE TWINS! Go to the last page in this journal to see the 2 sprouts out of one seed.

    Check it out ladies and gentlemen! Give me feedback, info, rep, compliments, or just talk to me! i check GS every few hours so ill be around!

    Everything that I have done is based off of grasscity research! so thanks to all the people who inspired me to finally go indo!

    I am doing everything right! nothing wrong. Everything is the way it is for a reason. I wanted an HPS light so i bought one. so the budget for the rest of the room went down. but the HPS i feel is going to be amazing in the end. it will go above the Disc..:eek:




    Still working on the ducting. have one more piece to put in. as well as build a few light traps on the ends.

    Anyway this is my Journal intro! hope u like it!:smoke:
  2. very cool little box....kind of like mine....

    I found that if you mount your power strip vertical (up and down) instead of gives you a few inches to move your lights up or provides great side-light once she gets a little bigger too...I use cfls too and have had great results

    keep us posted
  3. The CFL's are only to veg it. once it gets to them ill turn half off and kick on the HPS and remove the hanging 120w CFL.
  4. Looks like a good start. I got a journal too first time grow indoor
  5. ill take a look now!

  6. Looking like you have all your ducks in a row. What are you going to be growing??:smoke::smoke:Do you already have your beans?:smoke:
  7. I ordered Mr Nice Seeds Dreamtime from the tude. they will be here next week for germ and sprouting. i need to run a few days of testing for the temp. but right now the tests seem to be going perfect.

    Keeping it at about 73 degrees with a nice breeze :wave:
  8. Did you get some of those UFO seeds the tude was giving out? Also what sort of fans do you have?:smoke:
  9. Using a few 3 inch computer fans. and a 5 inch desk fan. it is generating more than enough cool air! and i did it so cheaply!. and yes i got 2 seeds with my order.
  10. Wow! I'm running a 45 cfm exhaust and a 120 cfm centrifugal fan and with my cab door open still have temps running from 84-86 deg. I wonder why yours is so much cooler?[​IMG]
  11. BUUUUUMP.. Wow your set up is awesome.. today wasnt a good day. the room is super hot because my intake is right by an outside vent. and it was almost 90degrees. Whaat is the limit my plants will be able to take before burning?
  12. 90 will be too hot as yal know mate! ya wonna aim for 72f to 85 tops! have you got a clip on fan or two knocking around lol? you say intake at side of outtake? put a splitter between em some wood cardboard eneything thats gonna stop it sucking ya hot right back in !
  13. you guys have to see the clone bucket i made today out of a rubbermaid. just woke up and started building. inspiration in my sleep.
  14. [​IMG]

    Little room i built for flowering and keeping clones.

    Light was ordered from amazon.. 150w HPS ballast hood and bulb 80 bucks. arrived in perfect working condition. Replacing the Bulb with an 150w hortilux once the seeds come.

  16. You're going to love what that HPS can do. IMHO, I'd leave that bulb in for your first grow. Everyone messes up and you might as well be using a cheaper light instead of cutting into an expensive one's usable hours. This is what I'm doing right now at least and I'm very pleased with results so far.

    Nice work so far, brah! I'm subbin in to see what you can do with your mighty cab.
  17. Preciate it! haha. Ill keep my bulb then. thanks for savin me some money..

    Seeds should be here soon. so we will get the ball rollin!
  18. UPDATE!!

    Redid the room today! a lot more adjustable and organized. Got my light in and made 2 suspended powerstrips so i can raise with my HPS for support light.

    let me know what you guys think of the new set up. i think this one is going to be way more efficient. also the veg shelf will be takin out once they switch to 12/12


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