SB & GA’s autoflower myth busters thread

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  1. So this thread will be dedicated solely to auto flowers. It’s intention is to be for auto comparison grows to either prove or disprove myths around auto flowers for the growers new to autos. We will run a strain or two with 2 plants of each strain one for a control plant one for different training techniques/grow styles. Now we understand phenos will cause a bit of variance we within the experiments it just is what it is. Some of these training techniques will be things that have been shown or proven we are just trying to get visual aid so people can see the differences in these cases.

    We will be topping, fimming, LST, supercropping, mainlining, growing in different mediums, pot sizes, so on and so forth. Hopefully this will help discern fact from fiction in many cases. Anyone is able to join in all we ask is that is if you do so you document it within the thread and be consistent on your updates and progress.

    Also, keep it friendly and take negativity elsewhere. No ones perfect we are all here to learn and grow together. Other than that welcome! And we hope you enjoy the ride!

    @GrowerAnonymous here we go man!
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  2. My first strain will be sour crack by mephisto. Here’s a strain run down it’s a quick strain and I’ll just be showing the benefits of LST vs leaving them untrained.

    I’ll be growing in 2 gallon air pots in a 60/40 coco/perlite DTW. Using Megacrop 2.0 for nutes. Will be growing under HLG QB120’s 3k spectrum. Running my lights 20/4 once they’ve all sprouted.

    I began germination yesterday and transferred them to their solo cups I’ll have pics once I have seed above ground.

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  3. I'm in !
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  4. awesome man can’t wait to have your skills on board!
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  5. Oooooo I likely likey! Maybe I’ll keep an auto or two around after all!
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  6. Please do we’d love for ya to join us! The more the merrier!
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  7. I can't start any more seeds until after summer, but I'll be following along. Hopefully I'll be able to jump in around August.
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  8. Perfect I was hoping you’d chime in!! I saw that beast you mainlined I believe. The CDA if I remember correctly!! Wicked plant man!
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  9. I don't grow autos, never have, but I've always been curious to give it a try. I'll be following along, gathering some more info, perhaps ask a question here and there from actual auto growers on here in hopes to be convinced to finally give it a try. Should be a fun, interesting thread. :popcorn:
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  10. Glad to have you feel free to ask as many questions as you need brother!
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  11. I've only "sucesfully" mainlined a photoperiod. The CDA I broke :( The one I have growing now is just LSTd. My beast was the ACC2 I just finished trimming, 295g dry. Huge plant, took just over 130 days. I'm trying to figgure out how to get a 80 day That's what I want to test next. I see plenty of perfectly decent autos finishing up in under 80 days. It's neat to grow a monster....but at the same time, I see autos kinda like craft beer. I bought a bunch of strains I can't get around here....because I want craft smoke. With a quicker turnover, I could grow more strains. But....yeah....that's my next research project.
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  12. Done a lot of reading on the autoflower network. Hydro style grows from what I understand have a longer veg period for some reason. Could be your coco DTW giving you the extra time. @ClydeWalters had a beast in DWC that took what seemed like forever. I bet it’s between 3/4-1lb on a single plant. And I’m not exaggerating this was massive.
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  13. Thank you my friend. That I will do. :thumbsup:
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  14. Yeah, it has to do with root mass. In hydro systems anyway. The bigger the pot, the longer the veg time. As long as the plant is healthy, of course. That's one of the things I was talking about with the Mephisto and Mandalorian guys at the cup. They don't recommend going above 3gal, in a DTW /w air pruning pots, for that reason.
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  15. That’s really good to know... my 2 gallons kept mine perfect size and I got some good sized colas. I’m excited to see what this sour crack does. I like the idea of a quick auto. They’re 65 days or less but we will see with the coco DTW. My deez nuggs went 72 days before I chopped.
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  16. I'm thinking 2gal air-pots will be my next purchase. I've got a Super Skunk in one of my 1gal pots now, I'm hoping to keep it smaller with a shorter flower time. Hopefully it doesn't get too hot before she's done. She was going to go outside in a 3gal, but I got a post card from the local PD reminding everyone that it was a $1000 per plant per day fine for growing outside.
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  17. Pretty cool to see people coming together. I’ve personally been very curious about running autos after seeing some massive plants, that do not seem possible in that time period.

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  18. Do you have pics of your auto mainline? Feel free to throw up the pics etc
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  19. Oh, no, my auto mainline failed. I broke it. The replacement bean, I just LSTd because I'm running out of time before the heat hits. That said, I've had great success with just LST. Both my Skunk #1 and ACC2 were over half a pound each, dry in the jar. I started with LST on the CDA I have growing now. I decided to Supercrop instead of finishing the last sets of bends, because I'd just had great results with some OG clones using SC. It's looking pretty crazy at the moment. She's going to need a ton of cleanup.

    Auto Colorado Cookies - 5gal air-pot - 133 days - 295g dry
    20190522_130052.jpg 20190522_130122.jpg 20190529_173725.jpg

    Auto Skunk #1 - 3gal air-pot - 93 days(harvested early....should have waited another week) - 237g dry 20190220_050545.jpg 20190220_050550.jpg 20190302_215045.jpg
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  20. Hello, if you don't mind a suggestion for when you do this, you may want to put in difficulty level. Like a beginner could do this or advanced grower. A lot of older growers say not to do things if the person is new, not because it can't be done per say.

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