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Discussion in 'General' started by weedziesgirl, May 1, 2006.

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    Haha ooookay... this is really weird. But for as long as I've smoked weed I've always felt really weird about saying thanks after someone has blazed with me or smoked me up... at first it was because I didnt know proper "marijuana etiquette"... but now it's to the point where everytime I toke with someone I almost obsess about it and it bothers me because I'm thinking "do I thank them? or shouldn't I? what do I say?!" and alot of the time I dont and I feel even more weird after the fact! Does this happen to anyone else?

    And I know this is strange to ask... but what do you say when you're thanking someone who's just smoked you up? I need cool ways to say it :eek:

  2. good lookin
  3. I've only got one guy that I smoke with regularly, we've smoked so much of eachothers weed that we don't bother, unless it's a situation where one of us smoked the other up when it was bone dry and we had just a couple bowls left. THAT deeserves thanks no matter what. Otherwise it's just too commonplace to bother, whoever happens to have more on them puts up. Or whoever has better dope :D
  4. wtf? people are asking for help on how to say thank you?? where are you parents? if someone smokes you out, just say 'thanks for the bowl, i'll get you next time' or something.. duh.
  5. I often respond in a stone tone (to let them know it got me high) and say something like "good chillin'. Peace." or sometimes a rather whimsical "You'll be rewarded in the afterlife".
  6. thanks for the blaze is pretty standard?

    i dont see what the problem is. if you didnt thank me after i smoked you out id be pretty choked.
  7. Yeah to be honest, if it wasn't that one guy I mentioned I'd be kinda offended. I know how awkward it can be in a new type of situation when you don't know quite what to say. Just say it, stoners are friendly people by nature so it doesn't need to sound cool, they'll get it.
  8. i know what you mean. i have a friend who everytime i smoke him up he thanks me. so in turn anytime he smokes me up i thank him.

    i have another friend who we dont even bother. anytime we hang out atleast 1 of us has bud. and usually the other is dry. but i know shell re-pay the favor if we smoke my shit. shes good like that.
  9. I say "thanks for the smoke man" and if Im waiting to pick up its its along the lines of "ill get ya back later"
  10. Right on bro Good lookin. JOE>
  11. Thanking people for getting you high shouldn't be any more difficult than, say, thanking your waiter when you're leaving the table, or thanking the cashier at the grocery store, or thanking your brother for passing the mashed potatoes. It's just "common" courtesy... everyone should do it without feeling weird for saying a simple 'thank you'. No need to embellish it. No need to obsess over it. No need to be asking how to do it right. Just say it... thank you! :cool:
  12. say wow that was some psychadelic chronicles, thanks for the hook up broham. imma get you back on a bp when i catch you on the flip-flop cool cat. but maybe i just say that kind of stuff cus im a cotton-headed-ninny-muggins.

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