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saying no to 420 this year...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 1llB3back, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. well, it's baseball season. i haven't started out the season very well. i usually am killing it, but as of now i am just nothing when i step up the the plate. my dad told me, "listen, smoking is going to throw off your balance and reaction time if you smoke before game days."

    my solution for this season, and i think a good thing to do, is to really keep on with the promise i made myself a while ago. smoking on the weekends only, not during the week. i couldn't keep that promise. i went from smoking everyday a few times to smoking a few days a week. in all honesty, i believe it is throwing off my game a little bit (as well as just mechanical errors i need to fix) and i just need to stop completely. obviously, i don't have the will power to just hold myself off and not fuck around.

    i will not be celebrating 420 this year, and i don't plan on smoking for the next week or two unless i get my swing back. i'm actually pretty upset because i never thought it would get in the way. but this is my year to get scouts looking and i just can't fuck this up anymore.

  2. Good choice:hello:

  3. i'm actually happy you're giving me props on this. it makes it that much easier. much love.
  4. It's important to recognize your priorities and act on them.

    Too bad I'm a hypocrite...
  5. Just keep telling yourself that you can do it :smoke:,
  6. Don't smoke before the game, but you can after. Smoking doesn't really effect you asmuch doing physical things as it is. I smoke all morning and when it comes to gym time I can still put up good numbers day in and day out.

  7. listen man, human nature is to be a hypocrite. no worries here

  8. yeah but hitting a baseball is much more coordinately challenging than putting up weight.
  9. Yeah but like I said don't smoke before the game...After

  10. yeah mang thats what i usually do. but the problem is, smoking a day before a game is just as bad. i have tomorrow off but then wednesday, thursday, saturday. so i think i'm gunna smoke tonight, and then thursday night. friday nah and saturday nah.

  11. I was just about to say the same thing... Sounds like youre serious about baseball, and you've come to the mature realization that smoking might be getting in the way of that.

    Weed might be taking the edge off of your performance, taking away from that little bit extra that might be what gets the scouts attention. It might not be the weed at all, it might be something else. It might be the stress, relationships, etc. But slowing down smoking a little bit right now and evaluating how it effects your performance can't hurt.
  12. Yeah man you gotta do what you gotta do, and you obviously have found out that that means not smoking. Major respect for realizing that and taking steps to fix the problem. I don't play baseball but have two brothers who do and I could definitely see the post smoke day haziness being a negative factor in hitting.

    I'm missing out as well because of imminent drug testing so I feel your pain. Good luck getting back on your game.
  13. I think you would be alright smoking the day before. You will be all hyped up on adrenaline. But If would if i was you, use relax tonight and go to your game tomorrow. Then smoke up on 420 as celebration of your game.

  14. i like the way you think. well, i'll see how it is after i take a trip to the batting coach. if i get hot, then i'll start to burn again.
  15. Yeah man smoke up tonight and have the rest of the week to focus.
  16. I also play baseball. And for me when I blaze on game days it helps me focus on my swing and i hit a lot better.
  17. ya man the after effects of marijuana or more prolonged the more you smoke. maybe just toke a bowl or two a week and thats it. yull start getting noticeably higher each week cuz you body has time to filter out thc and you wont have any long side effects of mj.
  18. yeah in high school it got in the way of sports for me but i wouldent quit and i slowly just lost my skill and wasent the starting pg anymore
  19. I smoke weed everyday 420 is just another day, take care of your priorities.

  20. yeah i mean it's a cool thing to do with friends but when you have previous commitments it is just another day.

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