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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Grandpa_420, Nov 4, 2003.

  1. Wazzup?
    A lot of youngsters overhere. Is an old toker like me welcome at this place? Oh well, I suppose so because I've read a lot of friendly and mellow postings. You look like a bunch of nice people to me.
    Stay high!
  2. Welcome to the City Gramps..... :D

    Of course you're welcome here... We've got people of all ages...
  3. Welcome to the city :)
  4. Thank you guys for the warm welcome. I guess I'll stay around for a while;)

    Stay high!
  5. Welcome to the City, Grandpa! :D Have fun!!!!
  6. Welcome to the city Grandpa... If you need assistance, Just hollar and we'll bring you the wheel chair... LOL!
  7. Your avatar looks like Einstein.
  8. welcome grandpa!!

    my grandmaa toked 'till the day she died
  9. Hey m8...I know many an old only ripen with :)
  10. Hi Grandpa-420, and welcome; I'm more than a bit 'chronologically endowed' myself.

    Seeing your name made me wonder if there was a '420' telephone area code, and there is, near Nogales, AZ.

    Zip code 42000 is somewhere in Kentucky.

    The above will not be on the test.


    "Satan! Satan!" "There's a problem in the plasma furnace; things are coolin' down fast and don't know how much longer I can hold her!"

    (Scotty, in Hell)
  11. Dad is that u?!?! swore that was a pic of my dad :p :smoke:
  12. Welcome to the city :)

  13. What...! You here too!!! I told you to stay away from that shit!

    You're grounded!!!


    ps: don't tell mom...
  14. ahehehehe! i swear my dad's 62 got white hair goatee and kinna baldin...wouldnt surprise me he's a stoner from wayyyy back :smoking: heheh
  15. mellow lika a bunch of yellow jello sayin whatsup old fellow

  16. I wonder what happened to this guy....Hasnt been on for like 6 years. :confused:

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