Say that you had $100,000 to invest/spend/save...

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  1. personally i would put a huge portion into savings.
    id take about 10,000 for myself and put that into my life in the present.
    the 90,000 would go into a special savings account, where i do not touch it for a long long long time. i would than take a certain percentage of every pay check and continue to add to that account
    of course if i ACTUALLY had that money, id change that up a little, but a huge portion of it i would do something wise and smart, that i was 100% sure would make my money grow. no gambling at all
  2. I'd buy a .30-06, 1,000 rd ammo, 100 lbs of salt, and 300 acres forested land in washington state
  3. $100,000 in scratchers anyone ?
  4. $100,000 in scratchers anyone ?
  5. I would buy a apartment/ small house, a used car and invest the rest in stocks, bonds until i have a better idea on what kind of business i will be starting.
  6. I would start off by buying a list of stuff I've been keeping in my head of things that I've always wanted. A shiz ton of Pokemon stuff, like every gameboy ever made, a 3DS XL, a new Xbox 360, a kick ass 70" LED TV, Surround Sound, the works! From there I'd buy a decent car. Probably something like a Pontiac G6 convertible. (About 15k) Then I'd invest the rest, and work on trying to start a business. Hell, maybe I'd even do the Eucalyptus idea xD
  7. I'd change what I'd buy today. I'd go for some sort of property if 100k could cover anything. Doesn't seem like much to me anymore.
  8. An oil painting
  9. I would buy a mansion like one of those you see the famous people have.
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    Invest it. In real Estate100K can turn into 1000K in a short period of time. PM me if you want to know more, but don't waste my time if you're not serious
  11. Id be down for that but you need millions for those
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    this is easy lol $20,000 for travel
    $40,000 for down payment on a house or like..idk a super nice trailer or some shizz
    $20,000 for whatever the frick I want
    $10,000 for ppl Im close to that are struggling with something anndddd
    then $10,000 for charities for animals and children [​IMG]
  13. Solar panels for the house. A boat would be nice, and/or a better log splitter so I can cut wood faster. Put the rest into CDs.
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    Buy a small apartment for 90k (from the ground up, so it gains value), spend about 1k on weed, add 2k to my savings and use the other 7k for travelling with my girlfriend.
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    20k mutual fund investment and the rest well i might just sit on it ;p my weed will be covered for awhile though
    ^5k every year for 4 yrs im pretty sure for the investment

  16. I'd a cheap o house with some land out in Colorado (or somewhere in the west) and start growing. Buy a 96 Cadillac Fleetwood just like my old one, fix my jeep, pay back all the money I owe my parents then get some professional investors to handle the rest. Hopefully live off the earnings.
  17. 50k dollars in an IRA for meee.
    10k to ma old man
    10k to ma mama
    10k-15k down payment on a place in the west coast.
    15k on bud, entertainment, and novelty shit.
    5k in my savings account lol
    Easy as pie.
  18. I would pay off my sisters school loans and mine. So there goes 50k roughly. Then I'd save the rest. I don't need much at the moment.
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    I'd break bad.
    and buy a shank.
    But that's just me.

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    I need tips from you two

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